Chus Mateo hides Hezonja’s farewell song

Mario Hezonja’s unexpected absence is due to a physical problem and not to technical decisions made by Chus Mateo

In the surprising defeat of real Madrid before Baxi Manresathe absence of Mario Hezonjawho didn’t play a single minute caused speculation and rumors. Chus Mateothe strategist of the Madrid team, clarified that the reason for this decision was not technical but physical: a back injury that the Croatian sustained during warm-up.

This clarification calmed the situation in an environment already burdened by the contractual context Hezonya, whose future at the club is uncertain. Although he was part of the squad and took part in the warm-up training, caution was required to avoid his condition worsening and he was preemptively left out of the game.

Chus Mateo
Mario Hezonja is a key player in Real Madrid’s plans this season, but his future as a Madrid player is somewhat uncertain.

The importance of Hezonja for Real Madrid

Mario Hezonja has become a key figure in Real Madrid’s game plan and has proven his worth on several occasions this season. His absence from the game against Manresa therefore initially raised doubts about possible tensions or strategic decisions behind the scenes.

In addition to impacting the game, Hezonja has excelled as a player in both the Endesa League and Euroleague, contributing significantly to the team with points, rebounds and assists. His versatility and performance have been crucial for Real Madrid and underline the importance of him recovering quickly and getting back into football.

Hezonja’s future and his influence on the team

Mario Hezonja’s contract situation is fueling speculation about his continuity at Real Madrid. With the contract ending in June and no clear signs of an extension, speculation surrounding his departure from the club is increasing and becoming a topic of interest for both the team’s supporters and the transfer market in general.

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Chus Mateo’s clarification on Hezonja’s absence due to a minor injury provides temporary relief. However, attention now shifts to the player’s future at the club and how his potential departure could impact the team’s dynamics. Hezonja’s abilities on the field are undeniable and a possible departure from him would require significant adjustments to the strategy and composition of the Madrid team.

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