El Dotol Nastra: “I am not a father who supports what has been done wrong, nor am I a father who abandons his son”

The influencer Vincent Carmona Arias (The Dotol Nastra) established his position regarding the legal situation of his son Wesly Vincent Carmona (The Dotolcito)one of those accused of the death of the young Joshua Fernández during an assault on April 16 outside a nightlife center.

El Dotol said, through a video posted on his YouTube channel, that he will not abandon his son whether he is guilty or not and asked not to be judged for his decision.

“Whether guilty, innocent, involved, not involved… whatever, whatever has led my son there, does not stop being my son or stop having my blood, that is why I ask you: allow me to be father”.

The comedian affirmed that he was aware that “El Dotolcito” must learn his lesson, although he also understands that parents should not be present only in moments of glory. This, about those who have asked him to separate himself from the process of his only son.

“The true father does not abandon his children, the true father does not matter the circumstances. “Parents are only there for when their children are signed in the Major Leagues.”

In addition, he clarified that the brands that have him as an image have expressed their support and questions whether his career is in danger due to the mistake made by another person.

Likewise, El Dotol sees in this experience a way to be an inspiration to others and also thanked him for the support he has received from his colleagues and friends from the artistic class and from his hometown, Villa Juana.

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The Permanent Attention Court of the National District ordered a year of preventive detention against Wesly Carmona (El Dotolcito) to serve in the Najayo Men’s Prison.

For the case, Alison de Jesús Pérez (Chiquito) is also in prison in La Victoria.

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