Home World Dutch football fans attacked with pickaxe and incendiary device in Munich

Dutch football fans attacked with pickaxe and incendiary device in Munich

German police shot a man who threatened Dutch fans with a pickaxe and a Molotov cocktail

The Hamburg Police responded to a threatening individual who was armed with a pickaxe and an incendiary device in the San Pauli neighborhood on Sunday. The suspect allegedly threatened several passers-by, fans of the European soccer championship, and the officers who attempted to apprehend him.

According to the Hamburg Police, the incident occurred on the busy Reeperbahn street, where fans from the Netherlands and Poland were celebrating the upcoming match between the two national teams. The officers had to open fire on the individual, who was injured and receiving medical treatment.

Security sources had previously informed the newspaper ‘Bild’ that the individual appeared on the Reeperbahn street shortly after noon, and the police used pepper spray to initially try to neutralize him. However, they ultimately shot him several times after he refused to comply.

A Molotov cocktail was also found in the suspect’s backpack. According to a preliminary medical report, the individual was shot in the legs and his life is not in danger.

A police spokesperson later clarified that the incident does not appear to be directly linked to the Euro Cup and occurred at a distance from the fan zone, where many spectators were gathered.

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