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South Korea Factory Fire Claims 20+ Lives

Tragedy in South Korea: more than 20 dead, most of them Chinese, in a battery factory fire

At least 22 people lost their lives in a devastating fire that engulfed a lithium battery factory in South Korea. The blaze has left several people unaccounted for, and tragically, 18 of the deceased are Chinese nationals.

Following the containment of the massive fire, firefighters cautiously entered the charred building to retrieve the bodies of the victims.

Lithium batteries pose a significant flammable hazard, given their widespread use in various sectors such as electric vehicles and laptop computers.

The inferno occurred in Hwaseong, a city located south of Seoul, at a factory owned by Aricell, a South Korean battery manufacturer specializing in lithium batteries.

This industrial disaster is one of the most severe recorded in the country in recent years. When the fire broke out, an estimated 35,000 highly flammable lithium batteries were stored on the second floor of the factory. As a precautionary measure, local authorities advised residents in Hwaseong to stay indoors.

South Korean President Yoon Suk Yeol has instructed authorities to mobilize all available personnel and equipment to prioritize search and rescue efforts. The president also emphasized the need to ensure the safety of firefighters as they battled the rapidly spreading fire.

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