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Placebo returned to CDMX a year after its last presentations. Here is our review of the show at the Teatro Metropólitan.

Concerts at the Metropolitan Theater They are always curious about the atmosphere outside the venue. There is never a shortage of people who take the opportunity to take a photo with the band’s letters, which can be seen on the main facade on Independencia Avenue. Some stand in the middle of the road even as cars honk desperately to get past. But it does not matter; Now it was time to see Placebo, and it’s worth keeping in mind.

The band led Brian Molko and Stefan Olsdal A year after his lectures at the Lunario of the National Auditorium and the Palacio de los Deportes, he returned to Mexico City. And well, it was a concert that really wasn’t very different in terms of last year’s setlist, although it had its details…

Placebo concert in the city theater
Placebo at the Metropolitan Theater. Photo: Andres Salgado.

But in front of the stars… Big special

Before we talk about Placebo, we have to point out the energetic opening act. “Hello, Mexico… We are Big Specialsaid drummer Callum Moloney before pounding the drums with the punk energy of a band set to make waves with their debut album this year. Post-industrial hometown blues.

“We are something very special”Callum said again. The band creates a great party atmosphere, even though they are just two crazy friends on stage. And Joseph Hicklin, for his part, shows us why they’ve gotten attention.

Not only does he have a deep, raspy singing voice; Also knows how to get in spoken word within their songs, in a combination that ranges from punk to poetry. This has caused a stir in the UK and made it one of the projects to follow this year.

On stage, Callum plays the drums while one track plays instrumental arrangements of songs to the other as follows “Shithouse” or “Butcher’s Bin”. For his part, Joseph walks from one side of the stage to the other, showing off the range of his voice.

This guy is capable of ripping his throat out screaming and then creating the deepest melodies you will ever hear in your life. “This is our first time in Mexico. “We fucking love it, beautiful people.”the band said before another energetic performance with a song called “Trees.”

Although new to Mexican audiences, many people supported the song by clapping to the rhythm, which the singer noticed and appreciated. Be careful, because this band that combines the rawest post-punk with poetry will release their debut album on May 10th

Placebo concert in the city theater
Big Special in its first presentation in Mexico. Photo: Andres Salgado.

Placebo at the Metropolitan Theater

After the impressive Big Special Show, it was now time to see Placebo. And the band has been strict in their recent performances by asking in the kindest possible way that people don’t record on their cell phones during the concert. After all, that’s how it is “A unique and precise moment that will not be repeated again.”” can be heard in an audio recorded by Stefan in Spanish.

And then nothing, powerful beginning with “Forever Chemicals” and “Beautiful James” never let Me Goan album that, believe it or not, has already been released for two years.

“Thank you very much and welcome. My name is Brian and the name of my rock group is Placebo… We have a lot of noise for you tonight“said Molko in his first intervention at the Teatro Metropólitan.

Placebo concert in the city theater
Placebo played at the Teatro Metropólitan for a year, after appearing at the Palacio de los Deportes and the Lunario of the National Auditorium. Photo: OCESA.

Coming to a Placebo concert is bound to be a moment Put yourself in a state of nostalgia, even without holding on to the songs of yesteryear from the band.

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Their setlist doesn’t include songs like “This Picture,” “Special K,” “Meds” or “Every You Every Me” because, as we said in our review of the 2023 Palacio de los Deportes show, the band decided It’s his place for the – not quite – new album. But this material saves a bit of the sound and melancholy of the band’s best era.

“The next song is for my brother.”Brian said in almost perfect Spanish to start playing. “Happy birthday in heaven”.

Don’t Make Brian Molko Mad: The Curious Experience of a Concert Without Cell Phones

And well, at the Placebo concert at the Teatro Metropólitan there were no cell phones, but some took out their lighters and others brought out LED lights that looked like candles to illuminate the show and give it mystique. By the way, the security service was brave and checked that no one was recording.

Unlike last year’s Palacio de los Deportes, which was a larger venue, there was little they could do to stop people from recording. here it was practically completely restricted.

Placebo decided to release some “cult classics” after paying attention to the new album. “Soulmates” sounds powerful and even more so in a venue like the Teatro Metropólitan, where everything feels more intimate.

Placebo concert in the city theater
Brian Molko. Photo: OCESA.

Well, it’s no joke not to record, is it? After the song mentioned above, Brian Molko took some time to approach a fan who was filming and ask him to stop filming the show. “Hey you, the one who wears sunglasses…” Literally, the singer said that if he saw someone recording again, he would stop everything and disappear. “Don’t make me mad again.”he said into the microphone.

And then until “culer*, culer*…”, rang out among the people. This fan certainly felt real terror for a moment. A large portion of the public applauded Molko’s reactionand others not so much.

Great show, but not very different in the set

We would be lying to you if we didn’t tell you that there wasn’t some feeling of tension after this procedure. “So it kind of looks like Brian is in a bad mood right now.”said a fan. Did the Placebo show at the Teatro Metropólitan fall apart then? Not at all.

People’s fear of recording changed and now there were many fans in the audience with their imaginary guitar or drums. The audience’s hand gestures are different and it feels weird not seeing phone screens everywhere… but it’s not weird in a bad way.

and his own Brian Molko, less angry, seemed connected to the publicinfected by the applause of those who followed the rhythm of “Slave to the Wage”, followed by “For What It’s Worth”, “Infra Red”, “Song To Say Goodbye” and “The Bitter End”.

The surprise of the evening was being able to hear “Taste In Men”., which sounds so powerful live, with those accents that sometimes feel like industrial rock. It was a great show and a lot of fun to see Placebo live…

However, if we’re being honest, aside from the aforementioned song and the verbal abuse of the fan who was caught recording it, The presentation wasn’t much different from the two last year at CDMX as far as the set list is concerned.

What is certain is that Placebo invites us to think about the whole topic of cell phones how much people really enjoy concerts these days. Will you live in the moment or record a video to share on social media?

Placebo concert in the city theater
Photo: OCESA.

Is it wrong for a fan to want to see a memory of their favorite song live in a video? Do you need to record the entire show? Is this moment really unique and unrepeatable even though you played basically the same thing as last year in two shows? Honestly, there are several things to think about…

Placebo setlist at the Teatro Metropólitan

Forever chemicals
Nice James
crime scene
Happy birthday in heaven
Twin demons
Surrounded by spies
Sad white reggae
Try better next time
Too many friends
Has disappeared
Exit wounds
For what it’s worth
Slave of wages
Farewell song
The bitter end
Infra network


taste in men
Fix yourself
Running Up That Hill (A Deal with God)

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