Desperate to take a selfie with Malaika, a fan got very close to the actress, then this happened

Fans are always desperate to get closer to the stars. Often fans want to capture a moment with the stars in a picture, in this endeavor those enthusiastic fans cross even a little limit. In such a situation, the stars sometimes accept it with a smile but sometimes feel awkward. As happened recently with Malaika Arora.

He was surrounded by fans at the Mumbai airport. They started taking selfies with him. The actress was seen outside the Mumbai airport in the morning. A male fan suddenly stood up to take a selfie. Stopping the fan who was trying to get closer to Malaika, Malaika said: "At ease, at ease"


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The fans were excited to see Malaika

As soon as this video appeared on Instagram, it went viral. Many comments came to this video. one wrote "When someone invades personal space, it’s very annoying," someone else’s comment "Have people gone crazy or not? Have a little patience!"

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