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DeSantis promises to start “cutting his throat” from day one if he is elected US President

DeSantis promises to start

Caracas.- Republican presidential nominee of the United States and Governor of Florida Ron DeSantis has come under criticism after speaking out in a violent tone, saying he would “start cutting his throat” if elected president .

DeSantis asserted that his campaign program aims to reduce the number of federal civil servants.

Last week, the Republican nominee used similar rhetoric in an interview with Just the News, assuring that if elected his secretary of defense “might have to cut some throats” and would be “very steadfast and very strong,” which is not the case It’s the first time DeSantis has spoken out in this way.
National Union of Treasury Employees President Tony Reardon called the Florida governor’s comments “disgusting and unworthy of the presidential campaign.”

Likewise, American Federation of Government Employees (AFGE) President Everett Kelley said that “DeSantis’ threat…” “It is dangerous, heinous, shameful and disqualifying to slit the throats of federal employees,” and urged the governor to “retract his irresponsible statement.”

Reactions were also echoed by former Republican Congressman Joe Walsh, who acknowledged that while DeSantis’ words “sold out in the old world of ‘cruelty’ in the old world of the Right, they were ‘a really bad statement’.”

For his part, the founder of the neocon anti-Trump website Bulwark, Bill Kristol, wrote in a tweet that the governor was “taking a bold step to dominate the lane of manic psychopaths in the Republican primary.”

“Violent and inflammatory language like this can have very real and very dangerous consequences,” tweeted Virginia Democratic Senator Mark Warner.

The Republican nominee pointed out that drug traffickers who bring drugs into the United States across the border with Mexico would be severely punished, local media reported.

DeSantis, who is second in most averages in most averages by more than 30 points to Donald Trump, has been trying to jump-start his campaign in recent weeks after firing staff, including a conservative author who was a created a video ad that included a Nazi symbol.

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