Deadpool & Wolverine: The return of an important MCU character would have been screwed up

At CinemaCon last week Kevin Feigethe president of Marvel StudiosAnd Shawn Levythe director of Deadpool and Wolverine, addressed the enthusiastic crowd. The duo discussed the challenges and joys of navigation “The endless stream of rumors” that accompany the production of such a blockbuster.

RaiseAlthough he appreciated the constant attention, he shared his amusement and fears: “Yes, by the way, I’ve heard rumors that there might be another trailer, thank the internet for the endless stream of rumors, they’re entertaining literally every day. There are so many spoilers and I live in constant fear of the assassination attempt Ryan Reynolds) because I have a big mouth and I don’t want to mess it up in this room today. »

One of the rumors that captured fans’ imaginations came from Twitter Scooper CanWeGetSomeToastand announces the return of an experienced character from MCU of the series Iron Man. According to the rumors in the corridor Happy Hoganinterpreted by Jon Favreaushould appear in Deadpool and Wolverine. If the rumor is confirmed, we can expect it Dead Pool makes stinging comments about it Happy.

For those who may need a reminder: Jon Favreau is a pillar of MCU embody from the beginning Happy Hoganthe loyal driver and bodyguard of Tony Stark. Gift from Ironman in 2008, Happy further developed through sequels and other films Wonderwho acts as a mentor and connection point Spider-Man: Homecoming and to comfort the loved ones of Tony In Avengers: Endgame And Spider-Man: Far From Home after the tragic death of Strong.

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With the publication of Deadpool and Wolverine Fans will no doubt love the idea of ​​finding her Happy Hogan on the big screen, bringing with it a touch of continuity and perhaps a few memorable lines to be shared Dead Pool oneself.

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