Home Sports De la Fuente: “I’m proud of Joselu’s debut”

De la Fuente: “I’m proud of Joselu’s debut”

De la Fuente: "I'm proud of Joselu's debut"

What summary do you make of the match?

First of all, I want to thank Malaga. For the rest, I’m happy but we have to keep growing. It has been a demanding game, but Spain can give much more and we will continue to grow.

How important it is to have a 9, right?

I have the opportunity to work with great players, very versatile. I really celebrate the debut of Joselu, who is with fantastic confidence. And he has had enormous concentration, that’s why he has scored. It’s lucky to have him. I am also proud of his debut, he deserves to be here and everything he has achieved has been earned by him. In the end, if the footballer works, the results come to him. His goals are a consequence of his career and his confidence.

You have succeeded with the changes.

The substitutions have come so that those who have entered contribute their best virtues, and they have done so. I don’t know if it’s plan B or C, but the changes are there to help the team and give it a different touch. Today, in general lines of the performance of the entire team.

Have we had more result than game?

We have been training together for four days… but the results must be earned. You have to keep in mind that sometimes you play very well and you don’t win. Norway is a very difficult opponent and we have matured well. We have given a team feeling and that is the most important thing. From the victories it improves more and better.

With Ceballos, have we regained control?

Each player has his characteristics and that is the advantage of having versatile players. Spain has several records and Ceballos contributes his.

What emotions do you have after your debut?

I felt like a rookie and I’m happy. I know this group of players and I know that they have the confidence to achieve great success. We haven’t won anything yet and we have room for improvement. We have the foundations to grow in the future. Today I thought a lot about my parents, who are no longer here, and about the people who love me, about my family.

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