Crypto adoption is growing: Dutch exchange makes it possible to pay with crypto

The Dutch crypto landscape remains dynamic and exciting, with Knaken as one of the most innovative players. This Rotterdam platform is known for its groundbreaking payment method: Knaken Settle. Settle has been approved by Buckaroo as a means of payment, giving it the potential to become an integral part of everyday payment transactions. Let’s take a look at how this feature works and what it means for the future of payments.

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Knaken Settle: A revolution in payments

No longer be cryptocurrencies mere investment products, they are now finally a viable alternative to traditional payment methods. Thanks to Knaken Settle it is now possible to use your crypto portfolio as a real payment account.

Settle works via the Knaken app, and anyone with a verified account can use the function. Have you been sitting on the terrace with some friends and would you like to send a payment request? Then you can do that very easily with the app, and you can also receive payments in the form of crypto of your choice.​

That’s not all. In addition, users of Knaken Settle can pay at their favorite webshops. During checkout, simply select the Settle option. Paying with cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin (BTC) has never been easier.

Knaken Settle and Buckaroo

Knaken Settle works in collaboration with payment provider Buckaroo, and is the world’s first amld5+ compliant crypto payment method! That is a huge step forward for crypto adoption. Buckaroo is a recognized and respected payment platform and the approval of Knaken Settle as a payment method means that in principle every webshop can accept payments via Settle.

This opens up a world of possibilities for both consumers and merchants and naturally contributes to the mainstream adoption of cryptocurrencies.

Knaken continues to innovate in the crypto world, and Settle is a clear example of that. This groundbreaking payment method offers the platform’s users a unique experience and contributes to the acceptance of crypto as a legitimate and practical payment method.

Do you fancy turning your crypto portfolio into a payment account? Then don’t wait any longer and make it Sign up for an account with Knaken today. Everyone who registers now will receive a gift of 10 euros after completing their first Settle payment!

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