Covirán Granada does its homework and is saved

Covirán made the impossible possible. In a packed Palacio de los Deportes he did what he had to do, defeat a Joventut team that gave nothing away and wait for Betis to defeat on Real Madrid’s pitch. A day of heart attack and great match by Bropleh, with 21 points,

The Granada team risked their lives against a proud opponent. La Penya comes out with claw and shows the honesty of his big team. Covirán squeezes (28-24 min, 15). And Carles Durán ask for time with everyone pending Betis in Madrid. Granada fought but La Penya did not give away (28-29). It took an effort. Grenada fought. After finishing the first half (31-35) Covirán pressed while waiting for news from Real Madrid-Betis.

Tomic in action.
Tomic in action.miguel angel molinaEFE

In a duel with many mistakes and painful play, the score was low (38-42 min, 24). A nervous match, but a horrible game. Granada could not find the way.

But Pablo Pin’s team pressed. He went up thanks to a dedicated hobby. He focused on beating La Penya while waiting for news from Real Madrid-Betis. And good. The courage of the people of Granada and the news that came from Madrid did the rest. The Covirán was saved.


Covirám Granada (14+17+16+25): Renfroe (0 and 6 reb.), Bropleh (23), Thomasson (9), Maye (13 and 6 reb.), Ndoye (10 and 6 reb.) —initial five—, Costa (7), Christian Díaz ( 2), Jacobo Díaz (0), Niang (1), Caicedo (8), Iriarte (0) and Tomás (0).

Youth (19+16+17+10):
Feliz (4), Guy (18), Brodzianski (14), Parra (7), Tomic (8) —c. initial—, Kraag (0 and 7 reb.), Busquets (0), Ellenson (0), Ventura (2), Vives (3), Birgander (6).

Referees: Miguel Ángel Pérez, Jordi Aliaga and Javier Torres

. Sports Palace; 8,319 spectators.

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