Hugo Duro clears doubts about Rafa Mir’s signing

There is more clarity within the Che team about the search for a striker

Inside Valencia CF You need to resolve several outstanding issues, one of which is: Hugo Duro And Rafa Mir. On the one hand, there is the renewal of a player who has shown a lot of talent and spirit, but who sometimes leaves some doubts. On the other hand, there is a footballer who wants a change of scenery and has expressed the desire to leave the country more than once Seville sign with the club Mestalla.

Let’s remember this Rafa Mir It’s an old wish Ruben Barajathat would be reactivated again in the summer and that could be crucial for the future Hugo Duro. As already mentioned, there are intentions on both sides to expedite a contract extension, but are also looking for another element in the offensive. Now there are situations in which it is clear that there must be variants of this demarcation.

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Hugo Duro’s failure against Osasuna strengthens Rafa Mir’s commitment (c) Photo: Digital Goal.

Hugo Duro continues to raise doubts at Valencia CF, which could catapult the signing of Rafa Mir

In this way it could be determined that a certain situation was the trigger for an activity in the next market. It was in this very game that the black and white club faced Osasuna and despite Che’s victory He raised many doubts about the definition of the enemy’s goal. One of the highlighted players is precisely the young striker.

In this order, it was the action in which Valencia CF completely regained the ball and the Rojillos’ defense became complicated. There Hugo Duro caught a rebound so that he was only facing the opposing goalkeeper in front of the goal. but, incredibly, it was foreseen by a defender. This undoubtedly raised all sorts of questions as he could have finished with his right leg but he didn’t.

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The 24-year-old striker wants to continue playing, but has been facing competition since the summer

It is now clear to the management that In addition to Hugo Duro, another striker must be added to take on this work and the call for this is Rafa Mir. It will be inevitable for the club not to think about it as there are games that need to be resolved as quickly as possible and not left undetected. Furthermore, fans are also clear that they have the young striker’s talent, but that he sometimes fails and the idea is that he should be deadly.

Then we have to wait and see what will happen with this movement. For now from the Valencia CF area They will wait for the arrival of the Sevilla FC attacker. Although his continuity and his goals have not been the best, it is an element that stood out in the past and he wants to return to the best sensations. The anticipation of this operation is crucial and can be managed in the following weeks.

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