Home Sports Copa Libertadores: Patronato could not beat Olimpia in Santa Fe

Copa Libertadores: Patronato could not beat Olimpia in Santa Fe

Copa Libertadores: Patronato could not beat Olimpia in Santa Fe

After the suspension due to weather conditions, Board of Paraná fell 2-0 this Thursday with Olimpia from Paraguay for him Group H of the Libertadores Cupin a meeting played at the Colón stadium in Santa Fe.

In the first stage, Iván Torres put the visitor up, who increased the marker in the plugin with the admitted Diego Torres.

Board started putting pressure on Olimpiawho at the minute had in captain Torres his first reprimand of a duel that was played with strong leg.

However, the Guarani team billed first after a ball to the left that Salazar picked up, whose grazing center in the middle was taken advantage of Own Rooks for the opening of the visitor.

The Entre Ríos they did not lag behind and immediately they sought to equalize the procedure, while the Paraguayans retreated waiting for a contra. Thus, the local arrived after a free kick that Valdez Chamorro could not connect directly to the goal.

Before the break, Fernández gave in to Cardozo, but this defined the body of Salvá and could not increase the account.

In the complement, the First National team took the initiative again, although it was unprotected behind. Thus, Olimpia almost increased after a solo run by admitted Torres, who defined deviated facing the goal. In the replica, a shot To place de Esquivel brushed the crossbar, in the clearest of the Pattern.

In a new Paraguayan counterattack, Cardozo missed the second in an incredible way. Until the other Torres overcame Salvá’s resistance and sealed Olimpia’s victorywhich was second with 8 points in the area led by Atlético Nacional (10), while Patronato was planted with three points and Melgar closed with just one.

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