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Colombian actress Dora Cadavid dies, remembered for her role in Betty, la fea

Fallece actriz colombiana Dora Cadavid, recordada por papel en Betty, la fea

Colombian actress Dora Cadavid, remembered for her role as "inesita" in the soap opera "I am Betty the Ugly one"died this Monday in a clinic in Bogotá at the age of 84, his relatives confirmed to local media.

"We regret the death of the renowned actress Dora Cadavid, who through her characters on Colombian television, as well as her radio work, leaves a great legacy for our culture.

Our condolences to his family and friends", expressed the Ministry of Culture on Twitter. Cadavid, who is the aunt of actress María Cecilia Botero, entered the world of television in the 1950s and, in addition to her role in "I am Betty the Ugly one"stood out for his performances in productions such as "woman-fragranced coffee", "Love like Ours", "Francis the mathematician", "Victory" or "cando".

He also acted in the movie "Love in the time of cholera" (2007), where she shared a cast with actors like Javier Bardem and John Leguizamo and played the mother superior.

"There is pain in my heart for the passing of my dear Dora Cadavid, who is now together with her son Moisés (who died in 2012). The great ones never die and Dora was one of the greatest on television. My Dorita we will never forget you"the actor Fernando ‘el Flaco’ Solórzano wrote on Twitter.

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