Colman Domingo becomes Kang the Conqueror in this awesome fan art

In a turn of events that shook the foundations of Hollywood last year, Jonathan Majorsfamous for his interpretation of Kang the Conqueror in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), was at the center of a major controversy. Accused of assault, this affair put a strain on his professional circle, including his agent, his publicist, etc Marvel Studiosto distance itself and leave the future of its symbolic character uncertain.

Given this unprecedented situation, discussions within the fan community have multiplied Wondereach with their own suggestion for the ideal successor to take up the torch Kang the Conqueror. From a diverse list of potential candidates ranging from John Boyega to Denzel WashingtonOne name in particular has captivated the collective imagination: that of Colman Domingo. Critically acclaimed and nominated for an Oscar, Domingoalso known for his role in “ Fear the walking death“has become the favorite choice of many universe enthusiasts Wonder.

This speculation was fueled by a recent piece of beautiful fan art depicting the following Domingo in the skin of the cosmic villain – the fan art is signed Solo authority on Instagram. This artistic representation not only captured the imagination of fans, but also sparked a lively debate about the actor’s ability to take on the role of one of the sequel’s most anticipated antagonists MCU. Whether it is present in the reconstruction or not Wonder, Kang is still the subject of intense speculation.

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