Chyno Miranda reappears on social networks: “We will see each other more often and we will be closer”

After months of being anonymous, the Venezuelan singer Chyno Miranda, former member of the popular duo Chino y Nacho, surprised his followers and reappeared on his social networks leaving tokens of appreciation and ensuring to be back.

Jesús Alberto Miranda Pérez, the artist’s first name, would have been absent for a few years due to health problems, however, through a publication on his Instagram account, the composer is seen recovered.

Miranda Pérez posted an image where she is in a temple observing a statue of Jesus carrying a cross, where she stated that she had recovered the management of her social networks.

“Hi my people!!!! I’m back, today I was finally able to recover my social networks, thanks for keeping an eye on my recovery. We will see each other more often and we will be closer”, wrote the artist.

For a year, the Venezuelan had not posted anything on his networks and his last publication was at the beginning of May 2022, when his family issued a statement thanking and showing support for a concert that his colleagues held for the benefit of his health.


The coronavirus caused Chyno a peripheral neuropath for which he was paralyzed, affecting his speech, the ability to walk and other functions of his body. Likewise, he suffered from encephalitis for which he was induced into a coma.

Behind this, The Venezuelan experienced difficult moments in his life, where many details about his real state of health were not provided.

Months later, his mother reported that her son was kidnapped after the singer-songwriter was transferred from the Casa de Reposo Tía Panchinta rehabilitation center to the El Cedral private clinic.

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Given this, Alcira Pérez, the singer’s mother, was able to visit her son in rehabilitation, but assured that she did not like the conditions under which Miranda was.

“I did not like how he is because he is smoking and drinking coffee, which is prohibited for him”the mother indicated.

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