Chosen signs his free agents Paredes, Rodríguez, Cruz and Romero

Do whatever it takes to build the next championship team. Chosen Baseball Club It is the commitment of the Board of Directors of the Lions, a team that this Friday the 17th celebrates 102 years of foundation.

Said challenge has begun by retaining the pitchers free agents Enny Romero and Rhiner Cruzto the gardener Jimmy Paredes and to the starter Aderlyn Rodriguez, who had entered to Lidom free agency which began last Wednesday the 15th.

“This is just the beginning. During this campaign break, we are making every effort so that on this new anniversary the Chosen family enjoys the long-awaited 17th crown,” he said. José Miguel Bonetti Du-Breil on behalf of the Lions Board of Directors.

“We want next season to be part of the great chapters of the Chosen One’s rich history and tradition and in principle we will take advantage of the new free agency to get the most out of it for the team. We are working tirelessly,” he continued to say.

The Lions were founded on February 17, 1921 and since 1951 they have won 16 national championships and 4 Caribbean series. The Chosen One had in rafael esteva the first president of the organization. Carlos Manuel Bonetti Burgos (Pilindo), Luis Alfau, Gilberto Pellerano, Numa Parra, Domingo Sánchez, Federico Nina, José Sanz and Quico Caro They stand out among their founders.

About the new agreements

By stamping his signature with the scarlets, Romero, Cruz, Paredes and Rodriguez They will continue with the club for at least two more years.

Enny has been one of the best pitchers since his debut in 2012, posting a 2.60 ERA and 131 strikeouts in 148.2 innings. In the 2018-19 tournament, he led in earned run percentage (1.17) and strikeouts (54).

On his side, Cruz has participated in the last three seasons with the reds and has worked in the local circuit since 2009. He accumulates a 2.52 ERA and 96 strikeouts in 103.2 innings as a reliever.

Likewise, Paredes has played 280 games in Lidom, with a .242 average, 12 home runs, 116 RBIs, 107 runs scored and 42 doubles. He has played 13 seasons, 8 of them with the Chosen One. He led in slugging (.421) in 2021-22.

While Rodríguez has participated in 10 seasons, four with the Chosen One, accumulating a lifetime OPS of .681, 16 homers, 59 RBIs, 20 doubles and 49 runs scored in 132 games. He was the leader of home runs (4) and triples (2) in 2021-22.

“They are an important part of the team’s native reserve, members who will help us continue to build a competitive team and who are valuable both off the field and on the field,” said Jaylon Pimentel, Lions Director of Operations.

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