Tennis player Peng Shuai, who has brought allegations of sexual harassment against a veteran Chinese communist leader, has been missing for a long time. Many celebrities in the tennis world are speaking out for him. There has also been talk of boycotting the Winter Games in Beijing in February due to Peng’s disappearance and the government’s silence. Meanwhile, the editor of the ruling Communist Party newspaper (Global Times) posted a video of Peng Shuai and wanted to inform the world about his well-being.

In this video, Shuai is seen standing on a tennis court with five other people. The Global Times editor has said in the post that this video is from Sunday where Peng Shuai had come to watch a youth tournament in Beijing. This video was first posted by the tournament organizer. Subsequently, many people and journalists associated with the Communist Party published this video.

However, users of social networks question the veracity of this video. People also say that if Peng is safe and well, why don’t they go ahead and tell about it? Voices are emerging from around the world in support of Peng Shuai. In such a situation, China’s ruling party is trying to allay the fear that has arisen about Shuai’s safety abroad.

On November 2, Peng Shuai accused a member of the standing committee of the ruling Communist Party of attempting to have sex by force. Peng made this accusation through an extensive post on China’s leading social media platform, Weibo. Shortly after this, this post was removed and Peng is said to have disappeared ever since.



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