Celta passes and fails: the usual impotence without Aspas

ivan villar: Another game in which he kept his team with options to score until the end. He signed a save before the break to respond to a header from Yuri. The two goals from Athletic, unstoppable.

Kevin Vazquez: He paid the piper again. He was as gray in the first part as most of his teammates and Carvalhal withdrew him at halftime. Without Nigrán’s man, Celta attacked more on the right, but defended worse.

Aidoo: Initial French toast. Iñaki Williams wins the game from above with extreme ease at 1-0. He reacted after that failure and dominated the defensive duels.

unai nunez: He delivered without fanfare in his first game as a visitor at San Mamés. He didn’t make any big mistakes and with the ball he even left some interesting long moves. He misses that he doesn’t get the most out of his passing game in strategy actions.

Javi Galan: Offensive sparks. The play for the Celtic tie begins, with a long drive and a dribbling of the house brand to the inside. A right hand did not go too far from the squad. Although he started somewhat shaky on defense, he didn’t struggle excessively to control his flank.

beltran: Substituted due to injury at minute 24. Unnoticed until then. He is going to have a difficult time playing again this season.

Oscar Rodriguez: Inconsequential as an attacking midfielder and out of position as a defensive midfielder. After Beltrán’s injury he had to play a role that is not his in front of the defense. He does not have the physical ability to offer help to his teammates. It is not the fault of the Talaverano, but of whoever puts it there. Without feeling in handling the ball.

carles perez: War on your own. He is fine when it comes to overflowing and he tries it every time he can. However, the rivals know that by covering it they deactivate a good part of Celta’s offensive capacity and the Catalan almost always finds himself with two rivals in front of him. Something desperate ended in San Mamés.

Cervi: Back to the past. The Argentine, who came from chaining outstanding performances, was as missing as usual until a few weeks ago. In addition, he allowed De Marcos to put the center of the 1-0 comfortably. He did not jump onto the pitch in the second half.

Gabri Veiga: Risen. Without exactly occupying the position of Aspas, he assumed the role of leader of the moañés while his physique lasted. Unai Simón took a good shot from the Porriñés from outside the area, Celta’s best chance in the first half.

Strand Larsen: Apart from the goal, his worst game as a Celtic. He neither intimidated the Athletic center-backs nor did he participate in the game. He headed in class for his fourth goal of the season.

Lucas de la Torre (by Beltrán): The same as Larsen. He appeared in the action of the goal, leaving two rivals with quality, and nothing more. He does not give the level to play as a midfielder in the First Division. He saw the fifth card and will complete the cycle this Tuesday against Girona.

mingueza (by Kevin): Incomprehensible negligence in the play that settled the game. He does not squeeze Berenguer and does not even try to cover the good leg of the author of the 2-1. His lack of defensive tension contrasts with his ambition with the ball. He contributed his quality in handling the ball and in an appearance in the local area he put a dangerous pass of death. In the last ten minutes he played more as a midfielder than a winger.

Miguel Rodriguez (by Cervi): The best of Celta. His energy transformed the team from Vigo at the start of the second half. He assisted Larsen with a delicious cross.

Seferovic (by Larsen): Very poor. There was no news of the Swiss during the half hour that he was on the pitch. The sad passage of him through Bilbao is probably due to the muscular problems that he has had since last day.

Patience (by Veiga): The Portuguese found himself with a defeated team when his compatriot Carvalhal gave him a start with 13 minutes remaining. Almost everything he tried didn’t work out.

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