Cast, plot and further details about the new edition of “The Crow” with Bill Skarsgård

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The premiere of the reboot of “The Crow” is just around the corner and so that you can prepare, we are telling you the information that is currently available about this film.

If there’s one thing we’ve realized, it’s that the film industry will continue to appeal to nostalgia and bring back stories that shaped us and influenced the world. And definitely one of those projects that catches our attention the restart of The crowone of the most controversial films of all time.

It was in 1994 when this film based on the comic series of the same name was released before it was released in theaters. It gained attention because Brandon Lee’s protagonist unfortunately died during filming at the age of 28. after being accidentally shot at the crime scene. For a long time they thought about canceling the project, but as a tribute to the actor, they decided to continue production.

After many failed ideas, we will finally see the reboot of The Crow with Bill Skarsgård

Finally, The crow came to the big screen and became a true cult classic of the 90s. Over the years, other films and even a television series appeared that somehow continued the story. But honestly, They were inconsequential projects that detracted from the quality and legacy of the original film..

But despite these consequences There are those who want to save the essence of the 1994 film. That’s why there were considerations for a long time about remaking this story. It has been known since 2008 that he himself Jason Statham was in talks to play Eric Draven in a new version from Sony Pictures, and later Jason Momoa came into talks to star in the film. But his plans failed.

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Jason Momoa was one of the candidates for the lead role in the new edition of “The Crow” / Photo: Warner Bros.

After more than a decade with no news of the return of The crow, Sony Pictures announced with great fanfare that, after a long wait, they were already working on a reboot directed by Rupert Sanders (who was responsible for productions like Snow White and the Huntsman and Ghost in the Shell) and starring none other than Bill Skarsgård (who you’ll remember for bringing Pennywise to life in the version of Article by Andi Muschietti) with a screenplay by Zach Baylin (Oscar nomination for King Richard).

At the time, they were the only details they shared about the project. although various media outlets reported that they would begin filming that same year and that they would have a good budget for production. But after such a long time, we finally have more information about the new version of this film.

Cast, plot and further details about the new edition of “The Crow” with Bill Skarsgård
Bill Skarsgård will star in the new version of “The Crow” / Photo: Vanity Fair

The inspiration and plot of the film

For the beginning, the restart of The crow will serve as a reboot of the saga in which we will once again see the story of Eric Draven (Bill Skarsgård), who along with his lover Shelly (FKA Twigs) is brutally murdered by demons from Shelly’s past (played by Danny Huston) they reach her. Caught in a state of limbo between the living and the dead, Eric sets out to avenge her death, walking the fine line between the natural and supernatural worlds..

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About this act, Rupert Sanders explained this Vanity Fair who grew up with bands like Joy Division and The Curethat’s the reason for your vision of the film “It’s a bit like a song by The Cure: the beauty of melancholy”. And yes, of course this caught the attention of all of us who like these nostalgic dark bands, but also those who love music and cinema.

Cast, plot and further details about the new edition of “The Crow” with Bill Skarsgård
In this new edition of “The Crow” we learn more about the love story of Eric and Shelly/Photo: Vanity Fair

The director of the reboot The crow He published very interesting information about the version that we will see in this film, such as will explore Eric and Shelly’s love story in more detail to give more emphasis to revenge and transformation. But that’s what he said too The protagonist’s visual aesthetic is not entirely inspired by that of the comic book character created by James O’Barr and even less so with Brandon Lee.

Instead, gave Bill the freedom to find his own interpretation of the roleeven though Sanders has made that clear Not only did they draw on his own experiences as a young outsider in ’90s London, but they also took inspiration from current figures like Post Malone and Lil Peep.…just like you read it. So it seems that this version of the story aims to connect with fans of yesterday and new generations.

The Crow reboot cast and release date.

As we mentioned before, Bill Skarsgård, FKA Twigs and Danny Huston are part of the reboot of The crow. However, there are other names in the cast without so much spotlight that are also very interesting, such as Isabella Wei, Laura Birn, Sami Bouajila and Jordan Bolger who are still unclear about which characters they will play in the film.

And maybe you’re wondering when it’ll be released or what’s going on. Well, Sony Pictures has officially announced that, The film will hit cinema screens worldwide on June 7, 2024. And here we ask you: what do you think about all this? Do you think it’s on par with the original version? There are definitely high expectations for this film, but we only have a few months left to see the final result.

Cast, plot and further details about the new edition of “The Crow” with Bill Skarsgård
Bill Skarsgård and FKA Twigs are the protagonists of the new version of “The Crow”/Photo: Vanity Fair

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