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Carrasco forces Atlético to close a pre-agreement for a new winger with dangerous compensation

Carrasco forces Atlético to close a pre-agreement for a new winger with dangerous compensation

FC Barcelona has an option to take over the services of the Belgian winger at the end of the season for 20 million euros, so the rojiblancos have started looking for a substitute

After the team’s catastrophic first round in the Santander League, there are many players who have left the club. Matheus Cunha or Joao Félix have been some of the most famous, but not the only ones. Likewise, it is expected that the cleaning will continue next summer, in which players like carrasco or Mario Hermoso will leave the Athletic Definitively.

Due to the practically announced marches, the sports management of the rojiblanco club has begun to scour the market in search of new players. Right now the priority is the arrival of a new pure winger and they have been interested in a player who has performed very well in the Santander League. A player who a priori will reach the Athletic to replace carrasco.

Carrasco continues on the exit ramp

Carrasco, with the hours counted at Atlético

Just a few days ago we found out that the rojiblanco team had taken over the services of Memphis Depay, who ended up forcing his departure from FC Barcelona. The final amount of the operation was very low and it was all because Atlético included in the operation a purchase option at the end of the season by Yannick Carrasco worth 20 million euros.

Will be FC Barcelona who decides whether to execute this purchase option or not. From what we know, he is a footballer that Xavi Hernández likes a lot, who would be delighted to have him under his orders next season. But everything will depend on the exits, because at the moment the Financial Fair Play does not allow the Barça club to make a large outlay.

Atlético covers its back with the signing of a new winger

However, and although the future of the Belgian has not yet been decided, at the club they know that If he doesn’t end up dressing as a Barça player, he will end up heading to the Premier League. That is why they want to anticipate his departure by signing a pure winger for the left wing. A winger who has not stopped growing in recent years to become one of the fixtures of his team.

We are talking about Álvaro García, a Rayo Vallecano winger who has become an indispensable piece in Iraola’s scheme. This season he already has 3 goals and 2 assists, being one of the most dangerous of the Vallecas team. Something that has aroused the interest of the Athleticwho sees it as a guarantee substitute for Carrasco but that can have a high penalty in case of breach of a pre-agreement.

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