“Bluey” movie? What we know about the future of the series

What you need to know:

The Australian cartoon is preparing to launch an extended special and this will determine the future of the series.

It is one of the most successful cartoons released from Australia. and has gained enormous notoriety with episodes of less than 10 minutes reaching various parts of the world via Disney+. Of course, there will be a more extensive special coming soon, which has sparked speculation… Is the end near or will there be a Bluey film?

Although the series is aimed at a children’s audience, It is undeniable that it has caught the attention of viewers of different ages.. And that’s why the conversation is all about the future of the show…

Illustrative image of the series. Photo: Disney+/Ludo Studio.

What the extended episode could bring (according to fans)

The special episode of Bluish which opens this weekend, is titled “The Sign” and will last almost half an hour (28 minutes to be exact). The mystery became even greater when the episode was announced under the idea would change the future of the protagonist’s dog family.

Due to this and the fact that the plot of the chapter is not revealed, fans are excited lots of rumors about what will be on screen. If you look at subreddits, X/Twitter posts or YouTube channels, there are people talking about how we might view emotional things like a birth or a move, or even something more tragic like a death.

“Bluey” will premiere the episode “The Sign” on Sunday, April 14th. Photo: Disney+/Ludo Studio.

The above may seem very radical for a children’s show. But as I said, to production Bluish His little hands didn’t shake when it came to talking about adult topics.but without being explicit or unnecessarily graphic.

For example, there were a few episodes that touched on the topic of pregnancy: “The Show” and “Daddy Baby.” The latter was actually censored by Disney+ at the time although the Australian broadcaster of origin and the BBC broadcast it without much fanfare. And don’t get too excited…there’s really no reason to be afraid (Disney is really a bit over the top).

So what’s next for “Bluey”?

We make it clear to you: It’s not the end of the cartoon Even though many fans have been speculating about it for days. So that you don’t get scared, there are two testimonials that will reassure the most loyal followers.

The first comes from Daley Pearson, one of the show’s producers. He gave an interview to Australian show Sunrise (via DailyMail) and said this “For the last time we worked on this half-hour episode, but we’ll do more bluey.

Illustrative image of the series. Photo: Disney+/Ludo Studio.

And on the other hand, Joe Brumm, the show’s creator, said that “The Sign” will be a “marriage” episode. This means that a large part of the plot will revolve around a wedding and there will also be an important change in the Heeler family, which plays the main role in the series.

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We are already trying to figure out where the plot of the protagonist family will go… but we won’t tell you so as not to give you spoilers. What Brumm himself has said is that the decision to make a half-hour episode is not just to initiate a change in the story, but to try out a new format.

“I’m very excited to see how audiences react to ‘The Sign’. Of course it’s four times longer than a normal episode… Will audiences accept a season with a longer story?Joe Brumm told Deadline.

Joe Brumm gets credit for “Bluey.” Photo: Getty Images.

The idea for a “Bluey” film was not ruled out

Well, it is a fact that the animated film will try out this half-hour format to conclude its third season. After that, the promise that the story will continue is more than clear. However, Will there be a fourth season or is there a movie coming soon? Bluish?

I’m waiting for confirmation of another season, The idea of ​​a film is also circulating among fans. And not only that: the producers and the creator of the show welcome a possible film.

“I love the idea of ​​doing something even longer, so we’ll see how (the new chapter) turns out.” Maybe a movie, who knows? This is a good way to test the water.Brumm told the Guardian.

Joe Brumm. Photo: Getty Images.

Does Disney want to buy the franchise?

Although the idea of ​​a film Bluish doesn’t sound bad either There have been discussions about a possible purchase by Disney to exploit the franchise in different ways. You have to go into the context…

According to a Deadline report Bluish It was the most played title on Disney+ in 2023 in the United States with more than 44 billion streams. And on a general level in the streaming industry: It was the second most played tournament in the United States overall only after the series Suits.

Only “Suits” surpassed “Bluey” as the most streamed content in 2023. Photo: USA Network/Universal.

Bloomberg, on the other hand, reported in a recent article (via an anonymous source) that Disney had continually explored the possibility of acquiring the franchise outrightbeyond the broadcast rights of BBC Studios and Ludo Studios (the production house that developed the series).

The franchise is valued at just under $2 billionjust so you can see that it wouldn’t be a cheap purchase at all.

It is also said that Disney has explored the possibilities of expanding the franchise with Bluey films or even theme parks. This is in connection with the studies mentioned above. But it’s just an idea that they put on the table without any offer or suggestion being formulated.

Do you think Disney will eventually apply to take over the franchise? Or do you see a possibility of the film being put together? Bluish? We will see how this children’s franchise continues to grow, which is undoubtedly setting a trend in the entertainment industry.

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