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Betis or Sevilla will bring in Gabigol

The complicated panorama of the player Gabriel Barbosa after his suspension

Gabriel Barbosabetter known as Gabigolis experiencing one of the most difficult moments of his career after receiving a ban that prevents him from playing until April 2025. This situation put his professional future at risk and prompted his representatives to find a new team for him despite the… Sanction.

The suspension of Gabigol The reason for this was irregularities during an anti-doping control, during which the player did not follow the established protocols, which led to a sanction of two years of inactivity from April 2023. This setback has caused uncertainty regarding his career at a moment in which the striker tried to establish himself as one of the references Flamengoa team with which he has a contract until December 2024.

In this context, both Sevilla FC and Real Betis Balompié have emerged as potential destinations for the Brazilian striker, although his recruitment poses a significant challenge due to the impossibility of signing him at short notice.

Sevilla and Betis assess Gabigol’s situation

Gabigol’s offer to Sevilla and Betis poses a dilemma for both Andalusian clubs. Despite the Brazilian’s recognized talent and goalscoring ability, the sanction that keeps him out of the game represents a significant risk. Sevilla FC in particular has greeted the proposal with skepticism as it cannot afford to sign a player who will only be operational until well into 2025.

For its part, Betis, which had already considered and rejected the possibility of signing Gabigol in the last winter market, is once again faced with the dilemma of weighing a future bet on the player. However, the striker’s situation is more complicated this time as any club that decides to include him will have to do so knowing that they will not be able to count on his services on the pitch for an extended period of time.

The future of Gabigol and the support of Flamengo

Despite the adversities, Gabigol has the opportunity to appeal the decision to the International Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS), but he faces an even greater sanction. Flamengo has expressed its support for the player, insisting there was no fraud or attempted fraud and committed to supporting him in the appeal process.

Gabigol’s current situation not only raises questions about his immediate future, but also tests Flamengo’s solidarity and institutional support for one of its most notable players. Meanwhile, the possibility of seeing Gabigol in LaLiga, in a Sevilla or Betis jersey, seems a long way off. However, the transfer market often has unexpected surprises in store.

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