Betis is thinking about Loiodice after failing with Álvaro Valles

Manu Fajardo is determined to do business with the Canary Islands team and if it’s not the goalkeeper they sign then it will be the French midfielder they’ve been chasing for a few seasons.

It’s no secret to anyone that Betis is keen to sign Álvaro Valles, but if he’s not the goalkeeper, he will be says midfielder Enzo Loio. Although goal is one of the priority points in the Sevillian team, with Claudio Bravo leaving and they looking to release Rui Silva, there will also be changes in the midfield.

The Portuguese William Carvalho will most certainly leave the green and white company in the next summer market. Loiodice could take over his vacant spot or chip, although they play in different positions in midfield.. The Portuguese acts as a pivot, while the Frenchman acts more as a midfielder. The fact is that his signing will be one of those marked in red by Manu Fajardo.

EGD Las Palmas
Betis want to do business with Las Palmas and if they cannot sign the corner goalkeeper they will go for the French midfielder. (c) Photo: GOL digital.

Loiodice is delaying its renewal and Betis is taking note of this

One of the triggers for the Heliopolitan team to be desperate to sign the former Dijon is this player He didn’t want to extend with Las Palmas. According to those close to the midfielder, they have not contacted him to propose conditions and therefore sign the signature. But the sports management under the command of Luis Helguera says something different.

This is what the French midfielder said in a recent press conference. “We haven’t spoken to the club. I am very calm. Last year I extended my contract when I still had a few months left. I have a lot of confidence in the club and in myself, but now I no longer have a forecast for the future, I want to improve and continue with the team and the club.”

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Las Palmas has every argument to extend Loiodice and not give him to Betis

The French midfielder joined the Canarian club as a free agent from Dijon in the summer of 2020. Little by little, he gained the trust of the then coach Pepe Mel. But when García Pimienta arrived, his role experienced an upswing that now puts him in the starting eleven.

To date, Enzo Loiodice has played 108 games with the Las Palmas team, in which he scored 6 goals and 3 assists.. This season he has played a total of 1,535 minutes in 28 games, starting 60% of the time. However, he has had a break in recent games that aims to destroy his coach’s full confidence.

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