The Spanish team SailGP You are seeing how it is not entirely true that dreams, dreams are because they are making them come true. The F50 Victory, led by Jordi Xammar, is two days away from starting SailGP season 3 and will do so in Bermuda, the waters where this team was born. Without a doubt, Bermuda is a special enclave for all those who make up the current F50 Victoria because that is where it all began. Five years ago, in 2017, a journey was made with the Red Bull Youth America’s Cup and now a golden moment is being experienced as part of the SailGP competition.. Jordi Xammar and Florian Trittel, who were in Bermuda five years ago knocking on the door of this flying boat competition (the Formula 1 of the sea), are clear: “This is where it all started, it’s really special. What was a dream five years ago is now a reality. It seemed almost unattainable, but here we are”.

That Red Bull Youth America’s Cup of 2017, despite being sixth, was excellent for the Spanish team in terms of sensations and showed the way for a future, now present, in SailGP. It didn’t take long for them to draw the attention of the great sailors and five years later they will try to deal with you, with a hundred percent Spanish and Olympic crew, sailing stars such as Peter Burling, Tom Slingsby, Jimmy Spithill and Sir Ben Ainslie. “Being in Bermuda is amazing. I still remember the times we thought this was not going to happen, but we pushed to the end and put a lot of hope. It was already felt that there was a potential that could not be wasted and now we face this championship with great enthusiasm”, says Xammar. The future that awaits the Spanish SailGP team is “bright”, as Trittel warns, and it is that looking back to 2017, it was already seen that Spanish sailing was going to continue to give a lot of joy. The Spanish sailor remembers that Red Bull Youth America’s Cup of 2017 fondly and that is that “It was one of the first occasions in which young people could sail with boats similar to the professionals, from the America’s Cup, and be close to all the stars. We breathed that inspiration more closely and Bermuda was a before and after for us. Without a doubt, it was what marked our trajectory the most because We saw the opportunity and they gave us the desire to continue with this great team”.

The Spanish team is not afraid of being face to face with sailing stars and Trittel is clear, looking at another sport like tennis, who can be his mirror: Carlos Alcaraz. He argues: “These days we are seeing how Alcaraz asked Nadal for photographs and autographs years ago. It was a dream for Alcaraz to face Nadal and just recently in Madrid he beat him. It’s kind of what we’re looking for. We are in front of our idols, we asked them for autographs and photos and now we face each other. We want to continue making an increasingly brilliant history for Spanish sailing. We are trained for it. And what better way to start doing it in Bermuda”. Where it all started.


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