“Beautiful Violence,” Ralphie Choo’s style

After his show at Vive Latino, Ralphie Choo told us everything about his artistic career and the creation of his music.

What is Ralphie Choo’s style?

“I keep finding it, I think it will never be found.”

Ralphie’s style comes from the balance between choosing things that he really wants to do, that he has thought through and that have a background, and things that he just likes or wants to create.

That’s why his style feels so fun and simple, but at the same time complicated and deep, a style he describes as “over-stimulating.”

“It seems popular to me, but with experimental details.”

Ralphie Choo

One of Ralphie’s inspirations are the films of Gaspar Noé, for example Clímax, which led him on this path of “Beautiful Violence”.

“You don’t have to have an explanation for everything.”

For Ralphie, it is important to always keep in mind that not everything needs an explanation. This is something essential in his music and his concept as an artist, which we can see reflected visually and sonically in his work through his style, which reminds me (in the best sense) of the “Shitpost” as it contains elements that could mean that seem absurd and manages to give them a depth that we can connect with.

Is a music degree necessary to be successful in this industry?

“I don’t think it’s necessary, but it’s okay.”

Ralphie’s career began with studying music, and although he believes that knowing what you are doing and knowing the tools and processes to make music is very useful, he also believes that not studying music is too The path can lead to a descent. Interesting ways if you are looking for a way to achieve what you want to achieve:

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“There is something beautiful about finding a different path without knowing the given path.”

So what if it is necessary to be successful?

“Want. Want to learn and not feel like you know everything. You still have a lot left. The path is about evolution, it’s not about feeling misunderstood and doing something that maybe no one understands. “It’s about taking who you are and creating something that people can connect with.”

For Ralphie cPutting things together is the most fun part and is almost why we are here.

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