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Banking and private sector donate RD$260 million to those affected

Banca y sector privado donan RD$260 MM a los afectados

Banks and the private sector have donated RD$260,770,000 to the different communities in the eastern and northern regions affected by the passage of Hurricane Fiona through the national territory last Monday.

The solidarity measure seeks to support local authorities with these funds, to supply food, medicine and construction materials to vulnerable populations.


The Reserve Bank will have RD$100 million to help the communities that were declared in emergency due to the damage caused by Fiona.

The general administrator of Banreservas, Samuel Pereyra, indicated that the funds will be distributed through the entity’s Volunteers, for the acquisition of products in favor of those affected by the cyclone.

popular Bank

Banco Popular made available RD$50 million to assist those facing a dire situation after Fiona’s passing. The entity’s executive president, Christopher Paniagua, indicated that the urgent purchase of food, medicine, and other supplies for these families will be made, under the coordination of the Emergency Operations Center, religious organizations, and civil society.


The Central American Bank for Economic Integration (CABEI) also joined the cause, by approving emergency and natural disaster aid for US$500,000, equivalent to RD$26,770,000. This cooperation will be executed by the Dominican Government via the Dominican Federation of Municipalities (Fedomu).

“We stand in solidarity and support the people and the government in their efforts to mitigate the damage caused by Hurricane Fiona,” said CABEI Executive Director Hostos Rizik.

Emperario Vicini

Businessman Juan Bautista Vicini Lluberes will donate RD$50 million in aid for the reconstruction of homes for the most needy people in communities that are in vulnerable conditions.

Vicini Lluberes indicated that the assistance will be provided through the company Ferretería Ochoa, of which he is a member of the Board of Directors, and that the contributions will be construction materials that allow the reconstruction or rehabilitation of homes damaged by the atmospheric phenomenon.

He explained that through this donation, via churches and foundations, materials such as zinc sheets for roofs, blocks, steel rods and cement will be provided.

SID Group

The SID Group was added to the list, which made a donation of RD$25 million to distribute drinking water, cleaning and personal products (diapers, sanitary towels and toilet paper).

The executive president of Grupo SID, Ligia Bonetti, declared that the main companies that make up the conglomerate, such as MercaSID, Induveca, Agua Crystal and Induspalma, were involved in the initiative.

Jiminian and Plaza Lama

Dr. Antonio Cruz Jimnian and the Lama Foundation hold a day to collect supplies, clothing and appliances for the victims of Hurricane Fiona. The collection center will be in the Plaza Lama store located at the intersection of Avenida 27 de Febrero and Winston Churchill in the National District.

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