Ban Karan Johar: Twinkle Khanna, who returned from Karan Johar’s birthday, said: the party should be banned

The birthday party of the most popular Bollywood celebrities, Karan Johar, was held on Wednesday, May 25. During this, many Bollywood stars attended this event. He also had a lot of fun and had fun. Obviously, from the type of videos and images of the party that are coming out on social networks, you can guess that the party atmosphere lasted throughout the night. The effect that was shown the next day, Akshay Kumar, wife Twinkle Khanna, said more.

In fact, Twinkle Khanna shared a video of her on Instagram the morning after Karan’s birthday event. In which Twinkle Khanna has told her post-party state. Twinkle Khanna has shown what has become of her due to her hangover. In addition to sharing the video, she wrote that sparkly skirts, free liquor, and Karan Johar should be banned. At the same time, Twinkle Khanna also expressed the fear that in her intoxicated state, there might be something wrong with her at the party. She though she also wrote that everyone was so drunk that no one would remember. Many other people also reacted and commented on this Twinkle Khanna post along with his industry friends Tahira Kashyap and Rakulpreet.

Twinkle has also written in the video that he’s hung over… from your free drinks. I go to a party once every many years and it amazes me how people manage to party every week. I bow to you guys. She has shared her montage in which she has shown her post-match situations. In the first clip, she showed off the party last night. After this, subtitles with many images have been given. Maybe maybe not, never mind, they had all had so much to drink they wouldn’t even remember. Ban free drinks, ban parties, ban sparkly skirts, ban Karan too.

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Let us tell you that Karan Johar and Twinkle Khanna are childhood friends. They had both studied together at a boarding school together. At the same time, Twinkle had told her that at some point Karan had a crush on her. On the other hand, Twinkle only goes to some parties, if we talk about Akshay, then he has a habit of getting up early, so he doesn’t attend any parties.

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