Bad Bunny reported a fan for uploading videos of his concert to YouTube

Once again Bad Bunny is arguing with a fan. The reason? One of them shared “unauthorized” images of his concert on a YouTube account and the artist reported him.

This was revealed by TMZ, which had access to the lawsuit, in which the bad boy claimed that a man named Eric Guillermo Madronal Garrone posted full performances of his songs on his YouTube channel MADforliveMUSIC.

The Puerto Rican claims that Garrone went to his concert in Salt Lake City, Utah on February 21 and recorded several videos of his performance to later post them on the music platform.

But what’s the problem with that? Bad Bunny says he owns the rights to his live music and that Garrone did not have the permission or consent to post that content online and let people watch it for free.

Additionally, the artist claims that Garrone is using his name and music to draw attention to his channel, thereby siphoning views and revenue from Bad Bunny’s official YouTube page.

As TMZ reported, Bad Bunny wants a court order banning Garrone from posting these images online and is demanding $150,000 for each of the videos posted.

It’s not the first time that Bad Bunny has argued with his fans

As we mentioned at the beginning, this is not the first time that Bad Bunny has had confrontations with his followers.

Let’s remember that at the beginning of 2023, the Puerto Rican went viral on social networks for throwing a fan’s cell phone into the water. The woman approached the artist to photograph him, which she did not like and decided to react aggressively.

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When an AI made a song with its voice, the “bad bunny” assured that those who listened to these types of creations were not considered its followers.

On another occasion, he wrote on his WhatsApp broadcast channel that he would be at the beach and asked his followers not to approach him if they saw him.

Although for many this is a poor attitude of the Puerto Rican towards his supporters, they do not seem to care and continue to fully support him.

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