Avatar 2: How much time has passed since the events of the first movie?

How long after James Cameron’s first film, takes place Avatar 2 ? It’s not exactly 14 years sinceAvatar was released in theaters, but almost. james cameron began work on a sequel shortly after the release ofAvatarwhich enjoyed unprecedented success at the box office, the fox could not give the green light in stride, and Avatar 2 suffered one delay after another as the scope of vision of james cameron widened to finally result in a project focused on several film sequels. Not only did the script take longer than expected to be finalized, but Avatar 2 now lives up to its title by incorporating state-of-the-art technology to film underwater.

Avatar: Way of the Water will be released in theaters in the month of December 2022, a trailer is currently airing before Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness. (spoiler to come in the next paragraph regarding the trailer).

/!\ SPOILERS /!\ We discover Jake (Sam Worthington) and Neytiri (Zoe Saldana) living happily on Pandora, now proud parents of four young children, but a war between Na’vi tribes is brewing. To make matters worse, the human settlers are back on Pandora and have forced Jake and Neytiri’s family out of their usual forest for the Uncharted Coast where the Metkayina Clan resides. /!\ SPOILER END /!\

Obviously, some time has elapsed between Avatar and Avatar 2, how much exactly after the original film? According to the official synopsis ofAvatar 2, Avatar: Way of the Water begin more than ten years after the final battle of the first film between Na’vi warriors and RDA soldiers led by Miles Quaritch. More precisely, Avatar 2 appears to be set 14 years later. This would explain why Neteyam, the eldest of Jake and Neytiri’s biological children, looks like a teenager and is played by Jamie Flatterswho was in his teens at the time of the casting.

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