Attention, Lakers fan: this is not the time to get excited

They have no Anthony Davis and they continue to raise doubts. Winning four games in a row is a good contact with the first world, to which the Lakers belong by definition, but you should not shout from the rooftops that you have returned when someone, at the minimum, can take you off the track. This is what is happening with the irregularity of this team, still far from what the record of the different legends that it has on the squad dictates. The Grizzlies have given them a good hand of reality, with a double layer, and the patina that remains is the aforementioned: the fans should not be excited yet with the Angelenos, they have a long way to go.

Memphis I was in the second game of back-to-back after playing hours before in that same Crypto Arena against the Clippers. They had been unleashed before them without Ja Morant, reserved for this second Los Angeles duel, and with the injury of Dillon Brooks in that same meeting. The guard will be out for about a month due to a sprained left ankle. Not even Taylor Jenkins was there, isolated at the Ritz Carlton Hotel after testing positive for coronavirus. With Ja (16 + 5 + 7) back and maintaining the spectacular version of the team, immersed in this stretch of the season to raise his streak to the nine consecutive victories, the Grizzlies leave Los Angeles with 119-127 against the Lakers and with the feeling that, seeing themselves in a playoff of playoffs With them right now, they would have quite a chance (something that, at another time, would not even be a thought).

Even a good Lebron James he was overwhelmed. The forward was the best of his, but his nervousness is palpable in frictions as absurd as the one he had with Desmond Bane. It did not happen to adults, it is a sample. The Grizzlies did what they wanted with the Lakers starting in the second period. Those of Vogel did not become a rag in the hands of the opponent, yes, they made it clear that they are not at the same level at this time. In addition to Morant and Bane, Jackson enters the scene, dominating in the paint with a double-double plus six plugs, and anyone wants to get out of the way.

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The duel was beautiful, at least in the first half, but uneven like few others. It was LeBron on the one hand and the Grizzlies on the other. The highlightHowever, it was a stopper and not Jackson’s: Morant, in the first period, left a huge two-handed badge that was a declaration of intent. The Grizzlies got the triples, whether or not they were one of their good plays to find the shooter in better position. James had to pull resources and even seek luck, as in his one-legged triple that he hit the board before the break. The locals withstood the push of the others as best they could, getting into the hairpin of five to ten points of advantage, but also returned Kyle Anderson finally raised it above her.

In the blink of an eye, due to the null containment of the Memphis attacks, the Lakers were more than twenty points down. It could not be called a surprise seeing the level that the two have shown this season and what the Lakers fans are suffering, but it was too severe a punishment. The game rewarded the Jenkins, who are doing a fantastic campaign and clearly going to more. The upgrade of the Angelenos was to go clapping by almost thirty to get to only seven at the end of the match, a trifle that also had zero effect on the match. Vogel’s men didn’t have a chance to get close to really scare them during the second half. It is a result that shows many truths that the Western Conference offers us.

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