Attention emerging Ethereum and Solana wallets: Wormhole Airdrop, this is how it works

Wormhole is a large platform that facilitates communication between different people Blockchains enabled. Means a message It was announced on X (formerly Twitter) that the platform will distribute rewards tomorrow, April 3, to thank its users. This reward comes in the form of Air drops Expression. However, the exact implementation is not as easy as it seems.

What are airdrops and how can you benefit from them?

Airdrops are a type of “packages” that are distributed to a Community. These packages often contain tokens and can vary enormously in value. Exchange and other platforms often use airdrops to attract attention or reward users.

When a new project comes onto the scene, it is common for airdrops to be distributed to early investors completely randomly. Wormhole, a decentralized platform that specializes in building bridges between different exchanges, will distribute a total of around 600 million W-Coins to the platform’s users. What is striking is that, contrary to the norm, the distribution is “strongly” aimed at users who have been active on the platform for a long time.

The W-Coins are not initially launched under their own name. The tokens will be distributed as SPL20 tokens in Solana’s home currency. Later, these will also be available as ERC-20 tokens in Ethereum’s home currency. Connecting multiple exchanges is for Wormhole if Cross-chain messaging platformnothing new.

Free tokens are unevenly distributed among crypto investors

Not every account active on the Wormhole platform has the same chance of airdrops. The Wormhole team states that it favors users who have been active for a long period of time, as well as users who have been active for a long period of time bear market (time of falling prices) have made transactions on the stock exchange.

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The most noticeable difference in airdrops can be found in the Community groups. These are groups of NFTOwner. On February 6th, a snapshot of the team distributing the rewards was taken via the official Wormhole Discord. The team distinguishes between different types of NFTs, including DeGods, Yoots and MadLads.

NFT owners receive special treatment

The exact rewards are already known. For most NFTs, Wormhole distributes two thousand W tokens, with a maximum of ten thousand per holder. The currency is not officially available yet, but according to Whales Market, the coin is worth $1.48 at the time of writing.

The rewards for owners of Mad Lad NFTs on Solana (SOL) are much higher. 16,000 tokens per owner. The distribution is remarkably spread out: the first 3,200 tokens, like the full reward for other NFTs, will be distributed on April 3rd. The remainder of the reward will then be available daily for a full year.

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