Athletic signings | The first on Valverde’s list of renewals

Valverde's renewal with Athletic will be downward

The Athletic coach works hand in hand with the board of directors to plan next season, so the review of some contracts is beginning to be an urgent task

ernesto valverde wants to be above the possible renovations that occur in the Athletic In the next weeks. If one takes a look at the squad, there are three names marked in red: on the one hand, an Iñigo Martínez who is already considered lost and two veterans complete the shortlist: Óscar de Marcos and Raúl García.

Both De Marcos and Raúl add value to the locker room, thanks to their personality and experience. But they are two different cases when it comes to facing the renovations that Athletic needs to do. Because right now, one of them, the one from Laguardia, is the undisputed starter and very important for Valverde.

The first of Athletic’s renovations

Because Óscar de Marcos is a right back, one of the most discussed positions in recent times. Ander Capa came and has not been able to succeed, Lekue, between injuries and changes in position, has not quite settled down either… and in recent markets there is always talk of an Odriozola who has not just arrived.

Last summer there was also talk of César Azpilicueta, but the Navarrese finally committed to Chelsea. In the end there is always an incombustible Óscar de Marcos who, this season that injuries respect him, has played practically everything.

Raúl García will have to wait

With all this context, it is not surprising that the first on the list of Athletic renewals appears precisely him. An Óscar de Marcos who will turn 34 in April but who is still essential both in the dressing room and on the pitch. Contacts will begin shortly.

In the case of Raúl García, it will be time to wait. First see what happens with Iñigo Martínez, if he finally leaves as it is said. Then see the outcome of the season. It is not the same to play Europe than not. From then on, a decision will be made, but the most normal thing is that the Navarrese end up extending one more season as well.


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