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Aston Martin’s Future Led by Stroll

Alonzo: "Stroll will lead Aston Martin in the future"

Fernando Alonso is deeply committed to the Aston Martin project, having recently signed a long-term contract that will keep him linked to the British brand beyond his racing career. As a result, Alonso will be part of the team’s operations until at least 2026.

During his time at Aston Martin, Alonso has expressed his support for his teammate, Lance Stroll, who will be leading the team in the future. In an interview with The Times, Alonso praised Stroll’s potential and emphasized that he will always be available to support him.

Despite his strong commitment to Aston Martin, Alonso is also aware that he is approaching the end of his racing career. When asked about his retirement plans, Alonso admitted that he knows the time will soon come when he will have to bid farewell to Formula 1 for good. However, he is unsure about his exact plans after retirement.

Alonso’s perspective on his own retirement has been shaped by his experiences as a driver. He has observed that the sport has changed significantly over the years, with more emphasis on technology and less on heroic driving. Alonso believes that this change has made it easier for drivers to perform well, but has also reduced the importance of the pilot’s role.

In an effort to understand Max Verstappen’s retirement plans, Alonso drew parallels with his own experiences. When he was Verstappen’s age, Alonso thought he had reached the end of his racing career and had signed a contract with McLaren, thinking it would be his last. However, he eventually realized that he couldn’t stop driving and went on to compete for another decade.

Alonso has also noted that the role of engineers has become more prominent in modern F1, with drivers relying heavily on their teams to provide them with accurate data and instructions. While this has its benefits, Alonso believes that it has also contributed to the decline of the heroic driver.

Throughout his career, Alonso has been driven by his passion for the sport and his desire to perform at the highest level. As he prepares for the next chapter of his life, Alonso remains committed to Aston Martin and continues to inspire younger generations of drivers with his unwavering dedication and expertise.

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