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Ultron was the supervillain of the second adventures of avengersin 2015. The super artificial intelligence created by Tony Stark with the aim of replacing superheroes and protecting heroes has in fact become a deadly war machine. The disastrous events of the feature film were the nerve center of the Civil Warthen the division between Captain America and Iron Manresulting in the de facto defeat of the heroes in Avengers: Infinity War. In Endgamethe public will have witnessed the significant death of Tony Stark. The billionaire genius will leave behind a legacy and a substantial armada that will be the nerve of a recovery war in the secret project Armor Wars. First thought of as a series for Disney+, Armor Wars will arrive at the cinema for (Finally) highlight the character of war machineinterpreted by Don Cheadle.

According to the only information on this project, James Rhodes will don several different hi-tech armors and face other Iron Man since the technology should fall into the wrong hands. Apart from these few snippets of narration, it is radio silence. A rumor, however, returns with insistence on the Reddit r/MarvelStudiosSpoilersthe resounding comeback from Ultron (James Spader).

Considering the press release from Marvel when D23so we can expect that Armor Wars is indeed done, we now have to wait a few weeks in order to benefit from more information on this subject.

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