Apple wants to produce 90 million iPhones

Even at a time of slowing growth in the smartphone market, Apple wants to produce 90 million iPhones.

Confident in the sales of the iPhone 14 that arrives in September 2022, the Cupertino company has not reduced the production of its top smartphone.

Apple asks suppliers for 90 million iPhones

Apple iPhone 13
Even with the crisis in the smartphone market, Apple did not reduce its production Credit@Apple

Although the smartphone market is experiencing a period of slowdown in its growth, Apple believes and predicts that iPhone 14 sales will not be affected by this trend.

So much so that it has already communicated to its suppliers that it intends to manufacture no less than 90 million units of the iPhone 14, whose arrival is scheduled for September of this year.

If we add the older models to these 90 million of the new generation, Apple could reach the end of 2022 with 220 million manufactured units. Exactly the same number you got in 2021.

In the years prior to 2021, the Cupertino company used to bet on the 75 million units produced of the new smartphone model. But last year Apple took a chance and produced 90 million. Based on the results published so far, the strategy turned out to be a winner, as the iPhone 13, 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max were among the best-selling smartphones in 2021.

In fact, in the last published financial report, which included sales data until June, Apple recorded revenues of 40,670 million dollars (39,620 million euros) only from the sale of the terminal.

However, the iPhone 13 mini did not meet expectations, and for that reason, such a model will no longer be available in the next generation of Apple’s smartphone.

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The iPhone 14 arrives in the first weeks of September

It will be on September 6 or 13 that Apple will hold the long-awaited conference, in which it will unveil the new generation of iPhone 14. The latter will feature four new models – iPhone 14, 14 Max, 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max – Some will have more news than others.

According to rumors, the Cupertino company will differentiate the Pro models from the non-Pro models in at least two crucial specifications.

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