Apple prepares something highly requested by users for the iPad Pro M2

This week, Apple introduced its new range of iPad Pro tablets. As expected, we had the presentation of two models that now come equipped with the M2 processor.

This is the same processor as the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro, which leads many users to wonder why these models don’t run macOS. Well, if that’s your wish, it can be fulfilled soon.

Apple prepares a simplified version of macOS for the iPad Pro with M2

According to leaker Majin Bu, Apple will develop a stripped down version of macOS. This will be designed with the new iPad Pro with M2 processor in mind.

According to my source, Apple is testing a smaller version of macOS exclusively for the new iPad Pro M2. “Mendocino” should be the codename for macOS 14. A stripped down version should be planned for the M2.

— Majin Bu (@MajinBuOfficial) October 20, 2022

The new software is being developed under the internal name “Mendocino.” The source points out that this will be part of macOS 14, however, it does not say when the American technology will make this version of its operating system available.

On what to expect from the new software, the leaker points out that its interface should be 25% larger than usual. A change that will surely be related to the optimization of the operating system for touch control.

As for the applications, Majin Bu says that the user must download them from the store created for iPadOS. Although the operating system is macOS, the applications will have to be those designed for iPadOS.

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The exclusivity of this new software with the iPad Pro with M2 should only have to do with Apple’s strategy. It is believed that this may be another incentive for users to buy the latest tablets from the American company.

From a technical standpoint, we don’t see why the iPad Pro with M1 can’t run the same OS. After all, we are talking about a processor with the same architecture and that the performance difference is not so disruptive.

macOS support on the iPad Pro has been something that Apple users have repeatedly complained about. Since these tablets use the same processor as the MacBook, there’s little reason why the American shouldn’t use the same operating system.

Additionally, macOS support will help Apple reinforce its “your next computer” tagline for the iPad Pro. While nothing has been confirmed, there’s a chance this wish will materialize soon.

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