Apple Music: New voice plan for exclusive use with Siri for €4.99/month

Apple announced the creation of hundreds of themed playlists so you can choose the most suitable music for each activity and mood.

For example, you can say “put the party list”, “put something quiet” or even “put more music like that” and enjoy a personalized music experience.

The company also announced a new subscription called Apple Music Voice Plan Accessing Apple Music’s 90 Million Songs Catalog, Playlists, and Apple Music Radio Service exclusively through Siri for €4.99 per month.

With Apple Music Voice Plan, you can request that music be played on all Siri enabled devices, such as Mini HomePod, AirPods, iPhone or any other Apple device in addition to CarPlay.

The Apple Music Voice plan will be available this fall on Spain, Germany, Australia, Austria, Canada, China, United States, France, Hong Kong, India, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand, United Kingdom and Taiwan.


Apple Music Voice Plan subscribers will enjoy a personalized experience using the app, with suggestions based on user preferences and a queue of the latest songs played through Siri.

The app will also include a specific section for use with Siri, which will introduce subscribers to tricks for optimizing Siri for Apple Music.

To access the more advanced features of Apple Music, such as spatial or lossless audio, lyrics, video clips and more, subscribers can upgrade to Apple Music’s individual plan at any time for €9.99 per month or family plan, with a maximum of six accounts, for €14.99 per month.

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