Aplazame expanded its customer base by 45% during 2022

put me offthe flexible financing business at the point of sale of the digital bank WiZink increased credit granted through its platform by 20% in 2022until exceeding 200 million euros.

The increase in the volume of operations financed corresponds to the growth of its customer base, which rises to more than 700,000, after having grown by 44.95% compared to the previous year.

The Aplazame platform is a key driver of business generation in the short and medium term for WiZink and one of the pillars of its diversification to become the leader in consumer finance in the digital sphere on the Iberian Peninsula. WiZink’s new businesses, including Aplazame, account for close to 20% of its business in Spain.

Aplazame has a differential model within the Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) sector, as it offers different financing products for stores, both online and offline. It hopes to continue its path of growth and increase the financing granted to users by another 20% in 2023.

Besides, 57% of the purchases financed with Aplazame in the past year were made by recurring customerswhich means that almost six out of ten Aplazame users in 2022 were already users of the company and made their purchases in one of the 1,800 stores that currently work with its platform.

As stated Carlos Pérez, business manager at WiZink: “The growth of Aplazame’s operations in 2022 by 20% has been driven both by the growth of financed sales in our associated businesses, taking advantage of the greater penetration of alternative payment methods, and by the increase in the number of establishments who work with us.”

The differential keys of Aplazame

The differential value offered by Aplazame is based on three pillars: instantaneous credit granting, flexibility and transparency in financing conditions, and increased sales for businesses through better conversion, recurrence, and size of the purchase ticket.

Allows stores to design their own mix of financing productsfrom short terms at 0% for the client to financing in 36 installmentsin order to better adapt to the characteristics of your catalog and the profile of your customers.

Added to this is an agile and multiplatform integration, an agile and intuitive user interface, and direct support for the marketing strategies undertaken by the businesses themselves.

Aplazame maintains active agreements with more than 1,800 businesses, including Lidl, Deporvillage, Mundo Fitness or Gym Company.

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