Android 13 is official! These are the novelties of the Google operating system

the american giant Google officially announced the android 13 in its final and stable version. It was a surprise (even after several test builds), in anticipation of the release of the preview version, Android 12, which arrived in October 2021.

We now have official Android 13 with (eligible) Google Pixel smartphones already receiving the software update. At the same time, the research giant also revealed that manufacturers such as Samsung, Asus, HMD Global, iQOO, Motorola, OnePlus, OPPO, Realme, Sharp, Sony, Tecno, vivo, and Xiaomi already have access to the official stable. version.

Google officially announces the new Android 13 operating system

An update so good that we’ve officially made 13 a lucky number again. Get the most out of your device with #Android13.

—Android (@Android) August 15, 2022

First of all, it is important to note that the Android 13 system update will reach smartphones from the most diverse manufacturers throughout this and next year. That is, Google has released the final and stable version of Android 13. Now, however, it is up to each of the manufacturers (OEM) to prepare this software for their respective user interfaces (UI) and distribute it.

Now let’s see what really changes and what is really new in this new version of Android. We have, above all, a continuity policyimprovement and enhancement of various aspects of Android 12. Take for example the continuity of Material Design You which will continue to guide Android 13 hence visually you will not find great differences.

Material You continues to guide the look of Android 13

Android 12Google
Material You continues to define the design and appearance of Android 13 in its pure (stock) state.

Design language remains identical as Material You matures and gains new features for theme builder. In fact, the theme engine now supports 3rd party app icons to have the Material you search applied to.

At the same time, the built-in media player in Android 13, the music player, it will change its appearance depending on the type of music and/or podcasts you are listening to. These are subtle changes that users will discover little by little.

google android 13
General appearance of Android 13 with changes in the music player. Credit: Google.

Then we have the possibility to assign different languages ​​to different applications, regardless of the language set for the smartphone. That is, even if we have set/configured the mobile phone in Portuguese (PT), we can set the messaging application in PT (BR). Similarly, we can set YouTube to English, just as an example.

We can set a language for each application with Android 13

Do you want maps in Spanish and messages in Mandarin? With Android 13, you can customize the languages ​​of the application, making your 📱 Mr. All over the world. #Valley (Not affiliated with THE Mr. Worldwide).

—Android (@Android) August 15, 2022

We thus have greater versatility by being able to define a different language for various applications. Please note that at the moment we don’t know if this possibility will apply to all apps or just some system apps and Google apps.

This linguistic flexibility has the potential to help users who are looking to learn a new language, want to take advantage of language variants, or are just curious.

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google android 13
The ability to set a language other than the system default for each application.

On the other hand, Night Mode also gains more features and customization possibilities. According to Google, we also have “Bedtime” mode with fewer distractions, more configuration possibilities and less visual impact.

Apps will only access specific areas of internal storage

google android 13
Notifications only from apps we expressly authorize in Android 13.

The applications will have to ask us for express authorization to show notifications. The measure aims to reduce visual, audible and vibratory noise that has increased significantly in recent years. Thus, instead of all installed applications showing us notifications by default, only those to which we give express authorization will be able to do so.

Also, apps on Android 13 won’t have immediate access to the full extent of the user’s internal storage. For example, when copying some content to share and then pasting it, the app will only have access to the Clipboard (clipboard) for a certain period and only to certain user data.

This is intended to strengthen user privacy and data security. Therefore, if we copy, for example, sensitive data such as banking information (credit card data) to use them in a certain way, this copied information will expire.

Spatial Audio comes to Android 13, as well as HDR video

Android 13 has officially launched with features that work across all your devices, for a smoother experience. Check out everything Android 13 has to offer. 🎉

—Android (@Android) August 15, 2022

In addition to being more productive and ready for large screens like tablets and foldables, Android 13 is more useful for work. There are now features for automatic or seamless transition of content that will please Advanced users.

We thus have a new task bar with quick access to applications, more resources for the use of pens/ needle and transfer between different devices.

There’s also the native support for Spatial Audio that Apple has popularized in recent years. Thus, through Android devices and The telephones that support it, we can have a more immersive and realistic listening experience.

It is also important to highlight the support for Bluetooth LE Audio (Low Energy), with more resources for peripherals and accessories such as headphones Y headphones Bluetooth.

We can also mention native support for HDR video for third-party apps. That is, the possibility that third-party apps for the camera can capture video in HDR with Android 13. There are still more news to discover in the official publication in the key word.

Now, it remains to wait and hope that the main manufacturers bring us little by little Android 13.

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