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Ancelotti: “We are hurt, but Real Madrid will return. I do not have doubts”

 Ancelotti: “We are hurt, but Real Madrid will return.  I do not have doubts

Ancelotti attended Movistar Plus+ on the pitch of the Rey Fahd stadium after the medal delivery ceremony.

Is it one of those defeats that can take its toll?: “Not. We have to learn, it’s a difficult time and that’s it. You have to do many things. We knew before the game that the team was not at its best. We have some shortcomings to improve. We will be back. It’s a stick, but we have to cheer up to go for the game against Villarreal”.

What are those shortcomings? What is missing to the team?: “We made gifts in the first two goals. The game started evenly, without much rhythm. When the scoring opened, they had more confidence. Avoiding gifts comes first, because we have given away the first two, and then play as a team. And improve the condition.

They are two very serious failures that are very expensive and then a defensive mismatch. How is that corrected?: “Working. Showing what mistakes we have made. Against Valencia we showed something good defensively and today we made mistakes again. We have to work on this.”

Then, he went through a press conference to deepen his analysis:

What feelings does the game leave you?

No, the mistakes we have made when the ball is out, they have looked for us there, they have changed the game. Invidual mistakes, a bad match for everyone. When we have tried to recover, we have been wrong.

Has it been a beating? A humiliation?

It is disrespectful to say that, we lost to Barça, we beat them in the League. They have played better and deserved it, period.

Is the team physically bad?

Taking into account the mistakes we made, Barcelona played better. Point.

The timing of the team is critical…

It is a complicated, difficult moment, as usually happens in a season. You usually have it. It is a moment of difficulty that we must fix with commitment, soon, with the usual attitude.

What worries you?

When you concede three goals, you have to improve the defensive aspect.

Could it be a turning point?

It is true that the moment of the team is not good. Lets gather. This team has the quality to be competitive again. We are very hurt, Madrid usually win the finals. But there is a long season left and we are going to play until the end. It’s not in my head to talk about humiliation, it’s too much. In sports sometimes you win and sometimes they beat you.

How are child errors resolved?

Players should realize that these errors are easy to avoid. The game so far had had one chance for each team. In these games, if you go ahead, winning is closer. It happened in the League the other way around.

Has it lacked, above all, intensity?

The team has had little intensity, little success, they have had 25 losses in the first half. It has not been forceful in one against one. It has been an incomplete match in all facets.

How is this resolved?

We have to raise our heads soon, think about what we are going to do. What we will do is be competitive and forceful again. The defensive aspect is costing us more at the moment.

How is the wardrobe?

The team is hurt, a lot. He usually wins the finals. But we have all the resources to improve, to endure. To have more of everything. Madrid will return, I have no doubt.


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