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Fernando Barceló: “I take it for granted that this year we are going to run the Vuelta”

Fernando Barceló: "I take it for granted that this year we are going to run the Vuelta"

Fernando Barceló (Huesca, 27 years old) has raced in amateurs in the Specialized-Fundación Contador, RH + Polartec and the Euskadi Foundation. Already in professionals, in Cofidis, Murias and Caja Rural-Seguros RGA. He was third in a European under-23 championship in 2018 and won a stage in the Tour of the Future that same year. He has run three years in the Cycling Tour of Spain: 2019 (position 95), 2020 (dropout) and 2021 (89).

– A new season begins. How are you?

– Very good, very motivated and eager to start. Every year begins with a special energy. In addition, this year I have been able to rest a lot.

– In the calendar, as is logical, the desire to ride the Tour of Spain, right?

– Without a doubt, I take it for granted that we are going to be in the Vuelta. Last year we had a great season with nine wins and I think we’ve earned it more than enough.

– Isn’t it a bit hard to have to wait and see if they invite you or not?

– Of course. They are decisions that are made before seeing how the season is going to go. Perhaps a solution should be found, such as seeing the sports results and taking those who have done the best on the road.

– On top of that, I’m sure he has friends in other sports groups with whom he trains and sometimes it’s cruel that some go and others don’t.

– It is that it is not about going to some and giving others. We must find a solution so that we all have options. Yes, it is usually a shame when you see that your friends are left without a place. And when it’s your turn, well, a stick.

– Basically, a large part of the season is focused on being able to be on the starting line in Barcelona.

– It is that it is a disappointment both from the sporting point of view and from the damage that is caused to the sponsors. You are very annoyed when you see that you are not on the chosen list. It is a very important showcase and we all want to be there.

– Well, this year the test takes place in Navarra and those things tend to have an influence.

– When you go through these roads the fans respond in a wonderful way. They are very beautiful and demanding stages that we hope we can compete in.

– I see you quite motivated. And how is she?

– One hundred percent illusion but you have to take the form. We are still starting the season and it is a bit early but we will try to get results as soon as possible.

– You are a defender of preparing the season by participating in cyclocross events. This weekend, precisely, Vic hosts the Spanish championships.

– Other years I have done cyclocross but this time I have prepared the season in a different way. I think it’s the best way to get a good tone in the first races. I am a supporter of running cyclocross.

– Here are the examples of routers like Ion Izaguirre, Jonathan Lastra or, in his own team, Jokin Murguialday, who has ridden several and also the Euskadi championships in Tolosa.

– It is that this is a privilege that the Basque Country has because there are many races and it costs little to get around. It is a very complete calendar and it is not difficult for you to leave the house, ride the bike in the van and compete on a weekend.

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