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America Warns Russia: America warns Russia again, the consequences of using nuclear weapons on Ukraine will be catastrophic


America Warns Russia - India TV Hindi News

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America Warns Russia


  • Is the world really heading towards nuclear war?
  • Along with Russia, America is also preparing to respond to nuclear attack
  • The threat of third world war hovered over the world

America Warns Russia: It is becoming difficult for anyone to say where the results of the fierce seven-month-long war between Russia and Ukraine will take the world. Seeing the loosening of its hold on Ukraine, Russia has now intensified preparations for a nuclear attack on Ukraine. In such a situation, there has been an uproar in the whole world. America also feels that Russian President Vladimir Putin is an eccentric person, he can do it too. Because Putin has repeatedly threatened a nuclear attack on Ukraine, directly or indirectly. America has also received many secret inputs in this regard. In such a situation, once again America has given a warning threat to Russia.

The US has clearly told Russia that if Putin uses nuclear weapons in desperation of its failure on Ukraine, it will face dire consequences. However, the US did not clarify how the US would respond if Putin did so. But it is certain that looking at Biden’s intentions, it seems that the answer to a nuclear attack can be an even more powerful nuclear attack. In such a situation, the third world war can be considered fixed. Putin’s obsession with doing anything to win the war on Ukraine has put the whole world in trouble.

America will give a tough answer to Russia

President Biden’s national security adviser Jake Sullivan said on Sunday that the United States has warned Russia that if Moscow uses nuclear weapons in its growing desperation to occupy territory in Ukraine, it would be disastrous for Russia. Will happen. In recent days, in conversations with Russian officials, the US has given this reaction in talks that if Putin does something like this, then what will be the reaction of the world against him.

Putin said don’t take us lightly

Jake Sullivan repeated the comments several times in television interviews that he intentionally left the consequences to the future, whether he might be military, economic or diplomatic. However, he also said that even though President Putin had said last week that it was not a hoax. Don’t take us lightly. Because we can do that, we still haven’t seen any movement in Russia’s stockpile of 2,000 or so small tactical weapons – that can be launched from a short- or medium-range missile. But America is keeping an eye on every situation. Accordingly, he is also preparing himself for the answer.

Nuclear attack answer to nuclear attack hidden in Sullivan’s warning

Biden’s national security adviser Sullivan may have kept the word “disastrous” to his side vague as he used the word “destructive” for Russia, but the answer to a nuclear attack appears to be a nuclear attack. . This can be understood how much rhetoric between Putin and Biden has intensified after the weakening of Russia’s control in Ukraine. Whereas in late May, Joe Biden wrote in a New York Times guest article that the use of nuclear weapons on any scale in this conflict would be completely unacceptable to us as well as to the rest of the world. Because its consequences will certainly be extremely dire.

America admits the possibility of nuclear attack is low

However, US intelligence officials on this issue say that they still believe that the possibility of using nuclear weapons in the Russia-Ukraine conflict is slim. But it is definitely that these possibilities are much higher than in February and March. This is because Putin has now lost confidence in occupying Ukraine’s territories through his army. Ukraine has again captured many of its lost territories. Russian troops have been forced to retreat from many cities.

Putin’s nuclear force is on alert

America panics because Putin’s nuclear force is on alert. After seven months in the war, Putin has said that he can use all the weapons available to him. In Russia and the West it was interpreted as a nuclear threat. It also became stronger because Putin has said that if Russia feels that there is a threat to its territorial integrity, it can use all defense methods to avoid it. He also said that it was not a hoax. Those who are trying to blackmail us with nuclear attacks should know that the winds can also turn their direction. The secret of the nuclear attack is hidden in this statement of Putin.

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