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Alinghi Red Bull Racing launches its second AC40

Alinghi Red Bull Racing launches its second AC40

Alinghi Red Bull Racing continues to take giant steps towards the fight for the Hundred Guinea Pitcher. The Swiss challenger for the next Copa América, which will be held in Barcelona in 2024, now has its second AC40 available. The boat was christened this Wednesday in Barcelona in the presence of the entire team, and then she sailed in the area of ​​the regatta course for the 37th Copa América. This uniquely designed boat will be a key tool for Match Race training ahead of the pre-regattas in Vilanova i la Geltrú and Jeddah. “This is an important step for us, we will be able to have all the members of the sailing group in the water at the same time and this will give them a boost”, explained the sailing team adviser, Pietro Sibello.

This is an important step in the preparation for the 37th Copa América because, By already having two AC40s, Alinghi Red Bull Racing can simulate competitive regattas. The Swiss challenge of the Nautical Society of Geneva has the possibility of facing two crews in the area of ​​the race course. The seven members of the sailing group will rotate aboard the two AC40s, alternately accompanied by the two advisors of the sailing team, Pietro Sibello and Dean Barker, or by the team owner, Ernesto Bertarelli. “We finally sailed with two boats, and that completely changes the dynamic of the team. This second boat will allow us to have more sailors in the water and, therefore, increase the feedback and the learning of each one. They are key elements for the development of the project. With the pre-regattas getting closer and closer we will be able to train specifically for the competition against the other teams”, commented skipper Arnaud Psarofaghis.

Alinghi Red Bull Racing / Samo Vidic

This second AC40 was christened by Elena Saez, assistant to the land team, in the presence of the entire team at the provisional base in Barcelona, ​​and then successfully carried out a first test in the water. “The towing test has validated the structure of the boat and has allowed us to check the systems. The next stage will consist of putting the sails under tension before being able to switch to a second gear”, Psarofaghis explained. What is clear is that four months after the first pre-regatta, Alinghi Red Bull Racing is going into competition mode and will soon start training with the two boats. A key stage before the first confrontation with their competitors in Vilanova i la Geltrú in mid-September. “Since the start of the project, all stages have met plans and expectations, so we are ready to move on to the next one. So far we’ve been alone on the water and we’ve taken the time to get to know the AC40 well. Now we have to worry about a second ship in training, which changes the dynamic completely. Also Activate your competitive spirit. We will be able to challenge all the members of the sailing group in training and that will challenge them internally and give them a boost. We will focus on the Match Race, with the contribution of Alfredo Ricci. Dean Barker and I will accompany them on board sometimes to complete the crews”, warned Pietro Sibello.

After months of training with two boats virtually thanks to the simulator, they will finally be able to transfer what they have learned to the water. “Almost a year after the Copa América we are advancing in the campaign. It’s time to compete and this second AC40 will give us a reference point in the water that will allow us to be more efficient in everything we try.”, gushed a Nicolas Charbonnier who also revealed that the Swiss team will alternate the Match Race regattas with the two AC40 and the training sessions with the AC75 BoatZero starting next week.

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