Alien: Romulus: A very scary first trailer

The announcement ofAlien: Romulus and its latest trailer appear to mark an exciting return to the franchise’s origins extraterrestrialand promises a mix of horror and action that has made the series famous. The decision to do so Fede Alvarez It’s intriguing to place the plot between the first two films, suggesting it could fill in some narrative gaps while also delving deep into the visceral horror and space fear that characterized the first film.

franchise extraterrestrialhas had a profound impact on the science fiction and horror genre since its inception, most notably with its presentation ofEllen Ripley, a strong female character who became an icon. The series’ journey through various genres, including crossovers with Predatorproved its flexibility, but also left some fans longing for a return to the pure horror that defined its debut.

The videogame Alien: Isolation has already shown that audiences are hungry for experiences that better match the mood and style of the first film. The promise ofAlien: Romulus building on the series’ terrible legacy while utilizing the talents of Fede Alvarez for tension and terror, raises high expectations. See you in the cinema on August 14, 2024 !

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