His victory in the round of 16 against Cameron Norrie was key to speaking before the cameras

There is no one happier than Carlos Alcaraz after enjoying the Mutua Madrid Open and there he took the opportunity to talk about Rafa Nadal. Furthermore, after beating in three sets cameron norriethe tennis player celebrated his 19th anniversary by singing “Happy Birthday” with the public of the Manolo Santana.

To the celebration was added a cake with which Alcaraz photographed, who is already thinking about tomorrow’s game against Rafa Nadal. That is why through an interview, he was asked Carlos about which one was his favorite for the next game. The answer surprised everyone.

Carlos Alcaraz
Alcaraz wants to face the legendary Rafa Nadal

Carlos Alcaraz’s words about Rafa Nadal were very professional

“He is the best in history on clay, as much as he says that he is not a favorite, that he is coming from an injury, he has won here five times and has done everything on clay. I am the new one and I don’t have to have the pressure of playing against Rafa Nadal, the best”.

In addition, about the match he will have with Rafa Nadal, he has said: “I am going to enjoy that match to the fullest. I have lost twice with him, but I have enjoyed those meetings. The third time lucky. I will fight to win. A year ago I saw how far away it was, ”said the tennis player.

The Murcian tennis player thanked everyone for the celebration of his birthday

Even in the interview he said that the public will always have Rafa Nadal as a favorite. “I am carving out my path and I am very happy with how it is with me. But Rafa is Rafa. I hope there is a small part of the public that goes with me, ”he said with a laugh in front of everyone.

Finally, he thanked everyone for celebrating his birthday. “I feel very lucky to be able to live these moments. Last year I celebrated my birthday here with a defeat, today, on the other hand, happy for having been able to win. I feel very lucky to hear ‘happy birthday’ after winning,” he added.


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