Alberto Díaz is committed to Real Madrid as a priority

Real Madrid’s squad will undergo several changes next season and signing Alberto Díaz will be a priority

Alberto Diaz and that real Madrid They were linked last summer when the White team was looking for an exterior that matched their characteristics. However, despite the great interest, no agreement could be reached on his signing. But next summer everything could be different. And the template Chus Mateo will suffer several losses on outside positions and will have to cover them.

In recent weeks we have learned that several players who have been cornerstones of the team in previous seasons will be leaving the team. That’s why he is real Madrid assumes the need to hire a player like this Alberto Diaz. A player who is a defensive leader and can cover two key positions.

Alberto Diaz Real Madrid
Alberto Díaz will once again be in Real Madrid’s orbit

Alberto Díaz becomes a priority for Real Madrid

We have learned this in the last few weeks Real Madrid will lose players like Rudy Fernández, Fabien Causeur and Mario Hezonja in the summer. But they won’t be the only ones leaving, as others like Carlos Alocén could also leave the club in search of more opportunities after several seasons of injuries preventing him from showing his potential.

Real Madrid’s priority will therefore be to sign a winger who can play in pairs and shows a good level on both sides of the pitch. Alberto Díaz fits this profile perfectlyas it also complements the base position and thus also increases the competitiveness of the team.

The club also likes Juancho Hernangómez

Knowing that Mario Hezonja could leave the team and that his destiny is to become Panathinaikos, Real Madrid are also exploring the possibility of signing Juancho Hernangómez. The Spanish striker’s season in Greece didn’t go as well as he expected and he could return to Spanish competition this summer.

Likewise, and although in recent days he had received a contract with the Golden State Warriors for the playoffs, which they will not play, Usman Garuba also has options to return to Real Madrid. Everything will depend on the decision of the player, who will have to decide whether to continue pursuing the dream of the NBA or return to the club where he was trained with a much more important role.

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