Home Sports Alberto Moleiro faces an exit due to García Pimienta’s rotations

Alberto Moleiro faces an exit due to García Pimienta’s rotations

Despite his great talent, the footballer began to leave the Catalan coach’s dynamic

Alberto Moleiro is one of the talented players to emerge from Las Palmas and whose achievements have not gone unnoticed in Europe. However, an injury has slowed his progress somewhat and he is still handicapped. And coach García Pimienta has started to see fewer and fewer minutes, which is already raising concerns about a possible exit.

Let’s remember that even before the injury Moleiro was one of the most important members of Las Palmas. His quality made him one of the most promising players in all of Europe and also in the environment of Spanish clubs such as FC Barcelona. Of course, he couldn’t be the same after a long absence, and that led to him having little continuity upon his return.

Moleiro Las Palmas
Moleiro is no longer the key for García Pimienta and if he continues on this path he can leave

Alberto Moleiro continues to lose importance in Las Palmas, which could lead to his departure

The lack of quality minutes for the attacking midfielder has already raised some questions among fans. Many relate to positional issues, as this time it’s more about the band. In addition, they ensure that his role is much larger when he is thrown from the center to the sides. Others also assure that it is purely a matter of the coach.

In this order of ideas, The fact that Alberto Moleiro is not the protagonist this season is a great concern for Las Palmas fans.. It is one of the different talents of García Pimienta, but in this course he does not have the importance that he expected. He only started and completed 90 minutes twice.

In García Pimienta’s plan, the talented player still has a few minutes left

Another fact that is quite worrying: is that in 11 starts in LaLiga EA Sports it was the first change on 6 occasions. The reason given for this decision is that it is a preventative measure. The coach wants to sign the player gradually to prevent him from getting injured again. The wear and tear can be greater and that is how García Pimienta understands it.

Then we have to wait and see what will happen to the future of Alberto Moleiro and Las Palmas. Currently, The player is still waiting to become the protagonist of one of the clubs that caused quite a surprise this season for his game. There is also the latent possibility of letting the Gran Canaria players down if they continue to lose ground with the coach.

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