Akshay Kumar’s ‘Oh My God 2’ Gets Green Signal For Release From Censorship Board

The kind of objections the Censorship Board had over the faith and sex education based film ‘Oh My God 2’ and the way the board proposed to give the film an ‘A’ certificate with over 20 changes and cuts in front of the filmmakers. It seemed to him that the film could not be released on the scheduled date, that is, on August 11. The cuts, changes and suggestions of ‘A’ certificates given by the censor to the creators were not going well. But with more than 20 changes, ‘Oh My God 2’ has finally received an ‘A’ certificate, which has now been reluctantly accepted by the filmmakers, paving the way for the film’s release on August 11. It has become clear. Let us now tell you what kind of changes have been made in ‘Oh My God 2’.

The biggest objection from the censorship board was that the character of Akshay Kumar has been introduced as Lord Shiva in the film and the theme of the film is sex education. In such a situation, the feelings of the audience watching the movie may be hurt. Now, due to the instructions of the censorship board, the character of Akshay Kumar has been changed. In the movie, he will now be shown as a messenger of Shiva and a devotee of Shiva, and not as Lord Shiva himself. Along with this, a dialogue has also been added in the film which is as follows: “Nandi mere bhakt…jo agya prabhu”.

ABP News had previously reported that in view of the sex education issue depicted in the film, the censorship board had objections regarding the casting of Akshay Kumar as Lord Shiva in the film, in which the censorship board wanted a change and that is why now Akshay In the movie now he will be seen as a Shiv bhakt and an angel.

Now let us know what other major changes the censorship board has made to ‘Oh My God 2’:

– In one place the messenger of Lord Shiva has been shown drunk, who also speaks a special type of dialogue during this. Necessary changes have been made to both this scene and the dialogue.

The frontal nudity scenes in the film have been removed and replaced with scenes of Naga sadhus.

– Lines related to an objectionable ad targeting women in the temple have been changed throughout.

According to the information from ABP News, the story of the film is set in Ujjain, the city of Mahakal and the story of the film is fictional which talks about the importance of sex education. In such a situation, the censorship board has ordered the filmmakers to change the real name of the place in the film to a fictitious name.

Whenever the name of the school is displayed, it has been changed to ‘Savodaya’.

– Words like whiskey, rum have been used to offer alcohol as prasad to God. When removing them, the dialog has been changed to ‘Wahan Madeira Chadhe Hai…’.

Instead of using the word ‘Linga’ independently in the film, the censorship board mandated the use of words like ‘Shivling’ or ‘Shiva’.

– ‘Shiv ji ke linga’, ‘obscenity’, ‘Shri Bhagavad Gita’, ‘Upanishad’, ‘Atharvaveda’ in the middle of dialogue ranging from ‘Kya hove hai…’ to ‘Aap obscene kaha rahi’ in Se Han removed movie references and words like ‘Draupadi’, ‘Pandavas’, ‘Krishna’, ‘Gopis’ ‘Raas Leela’.

Sexologist Dr. Prakash Kothari is shown talking in detail about masturbation in the film. The censorship board has also made some changes to the dialogue he speaks.

The word ‘Haram’ used for masturbation has been replaced by the word ‘Paap’.

Necessary changes have been made to the film per NCPCR guidance in the scene of a sexual act performed by a minor child.

Necessary changes have also been made to the scenes and dialogues of questioning a sex worker while showing idols related to unnatural sex.

– Changes have also been made to the dialogue ‘Main tang kyun adaoon…’ spoken by the messenger of Lord Shiva.

Changes have also been made to the scenes of Lord Shiva’s messenger immersed in spirituality and bathing in the film.

– At one place in the film, Shiva’s messenger utters a dialogue: “Seeing great hair… rupees will be found.” This dialogue has also been modified by the censorship board.

At one place in the film there is a dialogue ‘High Court… Maja Aayega’. Qualifying this dialogue as contrary to the dignity of the constitutional body, the High Court has given instructions to change it.

– During the hearing of the court itself, ‘Mahila ki yoni…havan kund hai’, along with the speech of this dialogue, changes have also been made to the obscene gestures.

– The scenes of the judge taking a selfie in court have also been removed.

– Words like ‘Satyam Shivam Sundaram’ have also been removed from the dialogue of the film.

Looking at all the changes made by the Censorship Board in ‘Oh My God 2’, it can be said that considering the seriousness of the theme of the film and taking care to hurt people’s religious feelings, the Censorship Board made the changes in the film have been ordered to make.

Neither Akshay Kumar nor the creators of ‘Oh My God 2’ have issued any statement regarding the changes made by the censorship board. Well, in the next day or two it is said that the filmmakers will release the trailer for the movie and with this the promotion of the movie will start in full swing so that when the movie is released on August 11, the audience will know that this is it. movie opens in theaters.

It’s worth noting that the makers of ‘Oh My God 2’ wanted the film to get a U/A certificate with no cuts or changes, which the censorship board flatly refused to do. In such a situation, the filmmakers agreed to take the ‘A’ certificate given to the film along with all the changes made by the censors instead of major changes and major cuts in the film due to the U/A certificate.

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