Bollywood actor Ajay Devgn has turned 30 in the Bollywood industry. In 1991, the actor made his debut on the big screen with the film Phool Aur Kaante. Many celebrities congratulated Ajay Devgan on turning 30 years old. This occasion was also very special for the actor’s fans. But do you know that Singham’s actor’s name isn’t actually Ajay Devgan? He is known as Ajay Devgan all over the world, but he has another name. The actor changed his name before entering Bollywood.

Bollywood Singham’s real name, i.e. Ajay Devgan, is Vishal. But what happened that Ajay Devgan had to change his real name before his Bollywood debut. Today we tell the interesting story behind it. Ajay Devgan himself had exposed this secret in 2009. In an interview, Ajay Devgan said that when it was released, 3 more Vishal were going to enter Bollywood. In such a situation, my father had no choice but to change my name.

Ajay said his father did this because he shouldn’t get lost in the crowd. Ajay Devgan’s old friends still call him VD (Vishal Devgan). Not only this, but the spelling of the last name in the actor’s name is also not common. He writes Devgan Devgn and the reason behind this is that Ajay’s mother Veena liked the spelling change better.



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